Have you heard about our Brand Motto ” PrimeCables, we make Strong Cables!”

Cables are something every Canadian uses on a daily basis. Cables are used to charge our laptops, charge our smartphones and tablets, connect devices to our home theater systems, transfer media, transfer data, and so much more. If we took away cables from daily living, it would likely be a struggle for many households in figuring out how to replace them.


For Canadians seeking for cheap high quality cables, they come to PrimeCables. There’s a lot of reasons to shop with PrimeCables. We got fast, free shipping on any orders above $49 and, included on every purchase, a 1-year product guarantee and free returns. Also, we sell some of the strongest cables you’ll find anywhere. How we do this is through Nylon jacket protection.


Nylon jacket protection takes the place of what would otherwise be material easy to nick, cut, chew, and break. If you have a past history of breaking your USB cables, our Nylon jacket USB cables are highly recommended. There’s a lot of reason one would make the switch to a stronger cable. For example, they’re pet chew resistant. If you have a cat or dog who likes to chew on electrical cords, the Nylon protection will keep them from breaking the cord or chewing through. There’s nothing worse than having to replace a cable because a pet chewed through. It also puts the pet at risk of the toxicity of what’s in the cable. That said, with Nylon, there’s nothing toxic about it.


Nylon jacket protection also has great temperature control. In high temperature environments, PrimeCables’ cables have met the utmost standards in multi-purpose cable performance. In cold environments, a Nylon jacket is able to stay flexible and with a high unlikelihood of being fractured. If you’ve ever set out with a cable in the freezing cold winter, you know how it can essentially freeze. That shouldn’t happen as easily with a Nylon cable. For this reason, Nylon protection is a preferred feature across Apple MFI-certified lighting USB cables, Nylon HDMI cables, AUX stereo audio cables, and general USB sync and charge cables.


Furthermore, Nylon cables are wear resistant and corrosion resistant. If you’ve had difficulties in the past with abrasion or corrosion, this is the best product you can buy. The Nylon twine rope is an amazing feature that’s growing in popularity across Canada for these reasons.


The next time anyone is searching for a high quality USB cable or a cable with Nylon protection, visit PrimeCables. Increase performance and protection, and never look back with a Nylon USB cable. We also have some combination deals to help on price and provide you with an extra cable should you need it.

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