How to Build a Home Theater on the Cheap

Though we frown on cheaply made electronics, trying to find the best deal on home theater products is a fun part of building a home theater on the cheap.


Years ago, the average Canadian household would spend $1,000s on the perfect home theater system for them. Today, it might even be possible to build a home theater system for less than $1,000 through a site like PrimeCables. Granted, it won’t be like that for everyone, depending on the tech you want, but some get by on a lot less. If you have concerns about sticking to your home theater budget, here are a few quick tips to stay on the straight and narrow.


Don’t buy everything at once without researching first


Always research, compare prices, and consider whether any single element is something you really need. Cutting-edge technology can easily persuade a buyer. Don’t let it. If you’re one of the few who will buy your entire home theater system in one purchase, ensure you’ve done your research ahead of time and that you’re getting the best possible deal on all sides.


Don’t buy a smart TV


Where a lot of Canadians overspend is in buying the latest and greatest. TV manufacturers raise flat-screen prices by the $100s when it’s a smart TV they’re trying to sell. Instead of buying a high-definition smart TV, choose to buy a non-smart TV and then, use a smart TV box to convert your purchase to a smart TV. You can save quite a bit by going the extra mile and doing this.


Don’t buy a 4K TV


Chances are unless you have the money to ensure every cable, receiver, and element of your home theater is equipped with 4K capability, buying a 4K TV will be a waste. You’ll never get full 4K without everything in place to achieve it. In most cases, households can get by on 720p or 1080p. There’s just no need to waste the money on a high-tech 4K TV you can’t even use.


Projectors can cost less


If you know where to buy a good projector, you may be able to save money instead of buying a flat-screen of equivalent size. For example, you can find a great projector from PrimeCables for under $100, and use it alongside a projector mount and projector screen to achieve an amazing theatrical home entertainment experience that you would have to spend so, so, so much more on if it was coming from a flat-screen.


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