How to Mount A TV to The Wall In The Safest Way Possible

Learn how to mount a TV using a TV wall mount with this quick step-by-step guide. An affordable and impressive home theater upgrade, you will be pleasantly surprised at exactly how magnificent your home entertainment room looks when everything’s done.

Buy The Right Mount

There are lots of different kinds of TV wall mounts, from basic TV wall mounts to more advanced designs. You not only will want to know what design you prefer but ensure they match the measurements at the back of your flat-screen known as the VESA numbers.

Find The Location

The first step to mounting a flat-screen TV is to identify where you’d like to put it. You can, in large part, have your TV be anywhere so long as there’s space, glare from an opposing window isn’t trouble, and there are studs in the wall.

Find The Wall Studs

Find your wall studs. Please note drywall with no studs cannot support a TV wall mount. Use a stud finder to confirm where your studs are. You will want two studs – one for the left side of the TV bracket and one for the right.

Mark The Bracket Position

Take a pencil and mark pilot holes on the wall. You can use a level to make sure everything’s straight. Double-check this positioning by placing the TV wall mount bracket against the wall and lining up the screw locations before drilling.

Drill And Mount

Once your measurements are done, drill your pilot holes through the drywall and into the studs. Mount the bracket and secure it using the mounting screws. Double-check to ensure the bracket’s tight with no wiggling or rattling. Be sure not to over-tighten.

Attach The TV Mounting Plate

Next, go to your flat-screen TV. Attach the mounting plate. This is the second half of your mount. Line up the VESA holes and use a screwdriver to ensure everything fits firmly together without stripping the screw heads or over-tightening.

Attach The TV Plate To The Wall

Take your TV mounting plate and secure it to the TV wall mount bracket. To do this, you lower a screen into the bracket from a height slightly higher than your intended position. Follow the instructions to a tee with this and use hardware to attach everything together.

You can find a TV wall mount in Canada for under $100 no problem at They’re an excellent investment if you’re looking for cheap ways to upgrade your home theater. Installation, fortunately, is very easy and fast so long as you have the right tools and you double-check everything before moving onto the next step. Safety only takes a couple extra seconds.

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