How to Set Up a Video Projector for Home Theater Viewing

Big screen entertainment is just a single ‘buy’ away with a video projector for home theater viewing available from PrimeCables.


If you’ve decided to make the move from a high definition flat-screen to a video projector, congratulations! There’s a lot of reason to make the switch, as more Canadians have been in recent years. For newbies, setting up a video projector however is not always the most straightforward process.


The first step is in deciding where you’re going to place your projector screen. Before you even purchase a projector, this comes first. After you’ve purchased both your projector and its accompanying projector screen, set up the screen first.


From there, you can unbox the projector and determine where you want to place it in relation. Most projectors can project towards the screen from the ceiling or from a table-type mount. To project from the ceiling or wall, you’ll require a projector mount. Ensure that when placement is complete, placement is not upside down. Before making any cuts into your ceiling to install a ceiling mount, determine the required distance you need between the projector to screen. This is different for everyone. Note that the distance from the screen is the same as it would be on the floor so there’s no need to hold it up high for minutes on end.


After you’ve installed your projector mount and your projector is ready to go up, connect all the sources you’ll be using. This might include game consoles, media streaming devices, smart TV boxes, cable boxes, laptop computers, home theater video outputs, and more. To this point, when buying a projector, you may want to consider the amount of inputs you have. You may require additional cables, adapters, or inputs. Thankfully, there’s plenty of home theater adapters available in the PrimeCables catalogue. You may benefit from picking up a few alongside your other projector accessories.


Now, follow your instructions to get the video projector turned on and to have the video image placed directly on screen. From there, you should be able to optimize picture qualify, adjusting colors, brightness, contrast, and more. You may have to toy with these settings a bit.


Depending on your experience with projectors and the size of the room, it may take as little as twenty minutes to an entire afternoon to set up a video projector for home theater viewing. Consider all moving components – video, speakers, any non-traditional accessories included in your home theater system, etc. Ensure everything’s connected and functioning. For more information on where you can pick up projectors, projector accessories, and more, visit PrimeCables today.

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