Pro Audio Cables are on-sale with Discounts and Deals you won’t find Anywhere Else

Professional audio cables are a necessity for enjoying a high quality experience playing instruments, in recording studios, using hi-fi equipment, and/or listening to a great concert. PrimeCables specializes in cables, yes, but we also specialize in affordable, inexpensive pricing.


In our years serving Canadians, we understand how expensive buying multiple cables can be. That’s why we’ve worked with our manufacturers to develop premium high-performance cables available at rock bottom pricing.


Be it for DJs, audio geeks, musicians, and audio fanatics, our pro audio cables are what you can rely on. See professional grade cables that meet the highest standards in both sound quality and durability. Find them at Canada’s favourite cable store, PrimeCables!


There’s a lot of benefits to shopping pro audio cables at PrimeCables. All of our audio cables are balanced, utilizing impedance-balanced lines reducing electromagnetic and RF noise. By doing this, one can extend the effective range of the cable run. Unlike your typical standard unbalanced RCA interconnects, these balanced cables come with a separate braided shield to maximize resistance to interference without any modulation to the signal. This work also prevents ground loop issues. For instruments, you’ll find amazing deals such as our 15 ft. premier series ¼ inch male to male 16 AWG audio cable for $9.89. For the recording studio, you can browse some great quality cables like the 1.5 ft. premiere series XLR male to female 16 AWG cable gold-plated for $6.89. There’s also plenty, plenty more where that came from!


For hi-fi equipment, see discounts, deals, and exclusives like the 3 ft. premiere series ¼ inch male to male cable for $6.69, the premium speaker cable ¼ inch for $18.99, and the premium series XLR male to RCA male 16 AWG cable for $9.99.


You’ll find concert cables via PrimeCables that work to limit possible interference, such as the 3 ft. premiere series ¼ inch male to male 16 AWG cable for $6.69, the 1.5 ft. premiere series XLR female to ¼ inch TRS male 16 AWG for $4.61, and numerous others.


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