Where to find the High Quality Cat7 Network Cable in Canada?

Category 7 network cables are some of the best in the category. If you’re looking for the utmost support in connectivity, Cat7 cables are impressive performers. In response to the limitations of Cat6 cables, the Cat7 standard was an improvement guaranteeing a higher frequency and greater performance. At the time of its release, Cat7 had the ability to transmit up to 10 Gbps. Alternatively, Cat 7A boasted an even higher frequency and performance above Cat 6A alongside boasting the same bandwidth. Despite improvements over the sixth standard, Cat7 struggled to find an audience.


As one of Canada’s go-to eCommerce sources for cables of all varieties, PrimeCables has cheap high quality Cat7 network cables on-sale today. See wide bandwidth low jitter design, a wideband transmission speed up to 6 times of Cat 5e cables, double shieling included which eliminates both external influence and internal crosstalk, and higher sound quality. Switching to Category 7 network cables, you’ll notice a purer video and digital audio transfer performance. In terms of music, sports games, movies, and home theater use, you won’t find anything better in the catalogue.


Some of the great Cat 7 cables in the PrimeCables catalogue includes 1 ft. 1/pack 24 AWG Cat 7 network cable for $2.99, 3 ft. of Cat 7 network cable for $3.19, 6 feet of Cat 7 Ethernet cable for $3.91, 10 feet of Cat 7 network cable for $5.19, and more. See fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49, anytime you shop with PrimeCables. There’s also free returns and a 1-year product guarantee ensuring you are fully satisfied with your high quality Cat7 network cable. If you haven’t yet upgraded to Cat 7 cable and have been waiting for the best time to buy, now’s it. There’s no better place to shop Cat 7 than with PrimeCables.


Canadians have switched to Cat 7 Ethernet network cable to connect to ports on servers and switches based off performance. See an amazing data transfer rate, compatibility, high frequencies, and with dual shieling protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and alien crosstalk (AXT). For some of the highest performance available in copper cabling systems, Cat 7 network cable is one of the better choices in the market today. Visit PrimeCables to learn more about the different network cables and to see the lowest prices in Canada off key cable products. Cat 7 is the clear choice when it comes to high quality Ethernet cable!

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