Where to get the cheapest Wall plate for your home theater system?

Do you want to design the ultimate home theater system – you’re going to need to shop home theater accessories like wall plates, keystone jacks, and network tools. Thankfully, PrimeCables has got all those on limited time discount. See deals, exclusives, and sales across all home theater solutions for professional home theater enthusiasts.


Buy the Cat6 punch down keystone jack with dual-color coded labelling made for wiring schemes. For less than $2, this handy product is easy to apply in use in Cat6 installations, has a wiring diagram next to wire clips, and is an easy to use modular RJ45 keystone jack.


See limited-time deals like the RJ45 modular plugs for Cat5e Ethernet cable 10/pack for $1.99 or the RJ45 plug for stranded Cat6 Ethernet cable 10/pack for $1.99. Features included gold-plated contacts, clear plastic housing, crimp on RJ45 connectors, and pre-manufactured for stranded wire cable application.


We also have banana-style screw-type keystone jacks in a variety of colors for $2.99. Use this with any keystone wall plate or panel. Matching to white wall plates, choose the plastic color code ring you want. Features include the gold-plated female connector and a front which accepts banana plugs, spades, and/or bare wire.


See great wall plates on sale for Canada-only, including PrimeCables 1-port keystone wall plate, the 2-port keystone wall plate, and 3-port, 4-port, and 6-port versions. Choose what you need and feel free to go for models like the 10/pack 1-gang low voltage mounting bracket for $20.99, the blank cover wall plate 5/pack in white for $4.99, or the 2-piece inset HDMI wall plate with 4-inch built-in flexible HDMI extension all in white for $6.99.


While we’re on the subject of wall plates and keystone tools, PrimeCables also has several cable testing tools you may want to add onto your purchase. After all, any order above $49 instantly receives a ‘free shipping’ coupon to anywhere in Canada. Browse deals like the network cable tester and crimping tools combination deal for RJ-45, RJ-11 for $12.99, the Monoprice RJ-45 network cable tester for $41.99, the PrimeCables multi-purpose 38-in-1 precision screwdrivers phone repair tools set for $9.99, and the digital battery tester battery checker for $5.99.


For all of your wall plate, keystone tools, and so much more, feel encouraged to stop by PrimeCables anytime. You won’t see deals like this anywhere else. PrimeCables is a Canadian original. Shop with us for high quality polished, solid, and inexpensive accessories of all kinds.

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