Top 5 Questions Asked from Customers before Getting a Sit Stand Desk

Buying a sit stand desk for the first time, you might have a lot of unanswered questions. Before browsing for your next office desk, don’t get overwhelmed. Here are some answers to make things a little easier.


How much is a sit stand desk in Canada


A height adjustable sit standing desk varies in pricing. It can cost as little as $125 and under up to $1,000s. If you’re looking for a real heavy duty high quality desk model, you don’t need to spend $1,000s to get it. There’s plenty a great sit standing desks up to $400 that will more than work. PrimeCables has several amazing picks that we’re sure you’ll love.


Do I need to replace my desk completely


There are several different ways to incorporate your sit standing desk into your workstation. For example, sometimes, height adjustable legs or the riser itself can be switched out or modified alongside your current desk. There are also other ergonomic features that can be mixed in to personalize your desk.


Will I have to stand all the time with an ergonomic desk


No, you don’t need to stand. That’s the great thing about it. You can sit or stand as needed, adjusting the height whenever you feel is appropriate. The important thing with a height adjustable desk is to switch it up to keep the body engaged. Do some experimenting to find the right heights for both a seated position and a standing position. Your body will thank you!


Will a sit stand desk be able to carry a lot of weight


Some worry that as height is being adjusted, it could accidentally topple what’s on top of the surface or that heavy weight could wear out the crank. That’s a fair concern. For every standing desk, there are weight restrictions. As long as you know what those are and stick to them, don’t expect to have very many issues.


How do I know what the right height is for me


There is no right or wrong height. Experiment a little, and see how low and high you can go. After you get to know your desk a bit better, you may want to buy some special ergonomic office accessories to accommodate you. An anti-fatigue standing mat, foot rest, and more can help relieve some stress on your feet, knees, and lower back.


If you haven’t yet found the right ergonomic sit stand desk for you, browse it all today with PrimeCables.

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