Top 10 Office Ergonomic Tips for Helping you to Avoid Fatigue

Here are fast, simple office ergonomic tips to help increase productivity, relieve discomfort, and maximize your ergonomic office furniture.


Arm Support


Support the weight of your arms by using ergonomic arm rests. When arms are not being supported, they’ll feel as sore as your neck or shoulders.


Head position

Do your best to keep the weight of your head directly above the neck. Don’t crane the neck or lean your head forward. This can result in a migraine headaches.


Monitor direct in front


Place your monitor no higher than eye level and right in from of you. Your keyboard should be right in front as well. This way, you won’t need to turn your head and neck often.


Do not jam the phone between shoulder and ear

When you talk on the phone, do so by keeping it in your hand. Unless you want an ache, don’t jam it between your shoulders and ear.


Rest your eyes

Periodically throughout the day, take a few seconds to get your eyes off the screen and identify an object in the distance to give your eyes a break.


No dangling feet

If you are seated at your ergonomic office desk and your feet are dangling, that’s wrong. Your feet should be comfortable and on the floor, with no pressure on the back of your legs. Some may consider using a footrest or something similar.


No slouching

Slouching is terrible for any Canadian, putting weight on the discs in their spinal column. A major reason why so many more young Canadians are getting degenerative disc disease, slouching isn’t right. Use your chair’s lumbar support and move your chair close to the table to avoid slouching.


Keep keyboard and mouse close

Ensure your keyboard and mouse are close enough to you to ensure you don’t need to be reaching for them throughout a work shift.


Keep your monitor not too close

Minimize eye strain by ensuring your monitor is placed at a reasonable distance away. Roughly arm’s length is a good rule to apply.


Minimize screen glare

Ensure your monitor is not placed in front of a bright background or window. This way, your eyes won’t have to struggle through screen glare.

By employing these ergonomic tips and pairing it with a great ergonomic workstation, you’ll be taking better care of your musculoskeletal system. Browse ergonomic office furniture, including height adjustable sit standing desks, at PrimeCables and shop the best prices in Canada!

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