Should you Buy a Projector and Projector Screen for your Home – a Case Study

Many Canadian households have what we would call a ‘home theater system’. There’s a difference though between what we consider ‘home theater’ and what we call ‘home cinema’. More high-class, luxury-ridden, and professional, home cinema is much larger and more immersive. To reach a place where you have a home cinema setup, it oftentimes requires a sizeable screen. To get the biggest screen for the best price, many Canadians choose to go without a TV screen and purchase a projector instead.


Should you buy a home theater projector – some might say, yes. That said, projectors are often quite costly, especially when you begin searching for ones that can carry 4K signals. At PrimeCables, we think there are some ways to get around the obvious disadvantage of the price tag. Shopping with PrimeCables, we have more than a dozen premiere projector models on discount, in addition to offering ‘free shipping’ to anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49, free returns, and a 1-year product guarantee.


PrimeCables works with all of its manufacturers to offer the best possible price on home theater accessories like projectors, projector mounts, and projector screens. Minimizing costs on your projector, you won’t have to overpay on something that’s inferior to a flat-screen. Instead, when you buy a projector through PrimeCables, you’ll receive a high quality, premiere home cinema product affordably priced. Keep in mind a projector can have the same high-definition 1080p video and amazing audio you can receive from a flat-screen.


If you enjoy customizing and personalizing home theater products to match your preferences, there’s a lot of modifications you can make with a projector. As a portable product, it’s easy to move around the room to find the optimum viewing position. If you wish, its video size can be modified to both large and small depending on what you need. Using a projector mount, you may fixate it to a location similar to a movie theatre. Lastly, using a projector screen, you can get all those deep blacks, bright colors, and optimum picture design. Just as an example, PrimeCables has both 100” and 108” projector screen portable and collapsible options for a wall or ceiling mount.


PrimeCables’ projectors boast impressive resolution and breathtaking imagery. Featuring great color accuracy, connectivity to almost any digital device, and is aesthetically adaptable to every home theater system. If you’re tired of using a TV screen or aren’t able to get the size you want under your budget, a projector and projector screen is highly impressive. Used by home cinema entertainment systems across Canada, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you’ll find with PrimeCables.

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