How to Innovate the Concept of the Ergonomic Office with Sit-Stand Desks

Ergonomics is the science of designing the office environment to fit the worker’s capabilities. Imagine the average day at the office.

An office worker, after investing years of their life working at computers, can very easily develop fatigue, significant discomfort, and physical stress across the body. An ergonomic office works hard to increase comfort and productivity through re-designed office furniture with chairs, desks, footrests, and more.

A lot of the fatigue and stress that comes from working in an office is related to sitting. All in all, sitting’s not a natural position for our bodies to be in believe it or not. Yet, the average person sits 7.7 hours a day. Some of us end up sitting for up to 70% of our day or more. We do it at work, commuting, on the couch, eating, and elsewhere. Musculoskeletal disorders now account for more than 35 percent of all injuries and illnesses that cost North American business money.

Now, enter in sit-standing desks. In terms of fighting fatigue and discomfort, it doesn’t get better than switching around what you’re working at. A sit-standing desk is height adjustable and can be raised to allow you to work in a standing position or lowered to a seated perspective. There are some desks, known as standing desks, which are not height adjustable and which allow a person to work while standing. Although some people love this, for others, it’s just more work. Comparatively, an ergonomic sit-standing desk allows you to adjust the height as you see fit and change things up to your body’s comfort.

Through constantly changing between a standing and seated position, you’re relieving stress while keeping the body engaged. Also, from a price standpoint, they’re not that much more expensive than a regular computer desk. In fact, sometimes they’re even cheaper. Using ergonomic desks, you may find yourself more productive, being in a better mood, and not feeling so beat up at the end of the day. Some models adjust manually while others are motorized/electric. Change positions when you want and constantly update your posture to be more productive and on-point.

For home offices, this is even more important. You’re relying on yourself to produce income. You can’t afford to be lazy or to have low productivity. Alongside other ergonomic office accessories, a height adjustable sit-standing desk can help.

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