Some Tips on Choosing a TV Box

Android TV boxes and smart TV boxes are trendy home theater purchases providing users the chance to connect with millions of hours of content across YouTube, streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, movies, music, and more. Some boxes also provide the chance to read the news, shop online, browse social media, send emails, and more. When searching the right TV box for your home theater setup, here are a few tricks to keep in mind.


The memory storage of an Android TV box can be helpful, especially if you intend to install a lot of applications on it. If you’re just looking for something more basic and affordable, and storage isn’t really a priority, 8GB is more than enough. For those who want more, at least 32GB is an excellent place to start.

The processer used.

The processing power of your smart TV box is important as if it’s low, you may experience issues with lagging and loading content. Ideally, you want something with at least 1.5 GHz quad core CPU or above. Typically, we recommend a box incorporating either DynamIQ technology or Tegra X1 processing. Either will keep your content fast loading and high quality.

Video display functionality.

For 4K streaming, HDMI is a requirement. Other features to look for in your video display includes 265 hardware decoding, also known as high-efficiency video encoding (HEVC), which will compress video and make it easier to stream, and a dynamic refresh rate switch which adjusts refresh rates as needed ensuring you have the best possible viewing experience at any given time.

USB ports.

How many available USB ports does your smart TV box have – you want at least 2. Using external hard drives or Bluetooth receivers, you want to ensure you have the right amount of ports available.

Bluetooth connectivity.

For some households, Bluetooth connectivity is a necessity however not all Android TV boxes support Bluetooth. Be sure to verify whether it does or it doesn’t, depending on how important this is to you. Bluetooth can make it easy to transfer files or connect peripherals, though a USB port may prove to be just as simple.

Network connectivity.

A smart TV box can either connect to the Internet through WiFi or a Gigabit Ethernet cable. WiFi can be extremely convenient although you’re generally going to get faster connections via Ethernet.

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