PrimeCables Birthday Sale – 5W Standard Wireless Charger

June is PrimeCables big Birthday Sale with cables, adapters, TVs, electronics, mounts, home theater accessories, USB chargers, smartphone accessories, and more on record-low discounts.

If you have an iPhone or smartphone with the capability to be charged wirelessly, now’s the perfect time to pick up the PrimeCables 5W standard wireless charger. Since the newest iPhones introduced wireless charging into the mix, this has meant you can cut down on the charging cables and do away with USB. Instead, lay your phone down on a charging mat and that’s it! Have it at your bedside, on a desk, on a hallway table, or wherever.

Needless to say, there are many benefits to a wireless charger. You get less wear from your lightning cables. You don’t need to be constantly plugging and unplugging your iPhone. Also, there’s the convenience of simply dropping your phone down on the charging mat and then, leaving it alone. The PrimeCables wireless charging pad isn’t just iPhone exclusive either. Any device which has the ability to charge wirelessly can be used with this charger.

You have added security with a wireless charger as well. After all, you’re not using a cheap USB cable on your iPhone. Charging through a mat is safer as it prevents anyone from accessing your device, which can happen through a USB connection.

Buying this 5W standard wireless charging station from PrimeCables on discount, you’ll see its premium design with non-slip pads, LED indicators, and a compact build overall. Additional features include MultiProtect technology which manages things like temperature control, surge protection, short-circuit prevention, and more. All for only $9.99, you won’t regret adding this charging accessory to your smartphone setup.

Standard wireless chargers like these are appearing everywhere, including hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and public spaces of all kinds. They’re becoming more and more common, and with more devices coming out able to be charged wirelessly, now’s the perfect time to get yourself set up with a charger. It’s a level of convenience we’ve never had before. Imagine, you’ve a friend over at your place and they want to charge their phone. All they need to do is drop it on the charging mat.

For the ultimate iPhone charger in Canada, visit PrimeCables and get it on discount for our big June Birthday Sale. A charging mat is infinitely better than having to chase after USB cables to plug in a smartphone. When your battery is running low, you’ll be glad to have your 5W standard wireless charger hooked up. Buy yours today from PrimeCables.

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