PrimeCables Birthday Sale Shopping Tip #1 – Get a TV Wall Mount Cheaper and Better

TV wall mounts allow a homeowner to take their TV off a stand or table and suspend their flat-screen in air. Supported by the wall behind it, wall mounts can contribute a lot to creating an immersive home theater feel.

Canada’s own PrimeCables just happens to be throwing our yearly Birthday Sale this June and celebrating the occasion, we’re dropping the price on almost all of our TV wall mounts. For 1 month only, you can get a TV wall mount at a cheaper price than anywhere else from PrimeCables. Needless to say, we don’t compromise on quality either. Choose from a basic TV wall mount model or tilt and swivel, a full motion with articulating arm, a pull-down design, or one which is mounted from the ceiling. Regardless of your TV mount selection, you can count on receiving a high quality product.

There’s no better way to watch a high-definition LCD TV than with a wall mount. You’re really investing in the look of your home theater system, adding some flair that’s sure to be appreciated by any family or friends you have over. Using a HD TV wall mount, you can adjust the screen to where you want it to be – modifying the angle, height, and reducing glare in the process. If you have a window or light source to contend with which can occasionally cause issues for daytime viewing, a mount gives you a lot of ways to adjust your flat-screen to get that glare out of there! Outside of looking absolutely fabulous, a wall mount is going to save on space as it lifts the television off the floor and sets it against the wall.

Now, when choosing a wall mount, you must ensure you’re paying attention to the VESA requirements. VESA means the hole patterns on the back of the TV. After you find out the VESA specifications you’re working with, you can ensure you’re getting a wall mount that suits your needs. The weight and size of your TV are also a consideration which needs to be made. Cable ties aren’t such a bad idea to keep your cables from hanging down dangerously from your TV. Also, you may wish to have a shelving unit or something additional installed to accommodate any devices you may want to connect to your flat-screen.

This June, you won’t need to shop anywhere else. Join us for our 2019 Birthday Sale at PrimeCables and save big on TV wall mounts and accessories!

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