The Best TV Wall Mount

PrimeCables has invested a lot of time and resources into locating and building some of the best TV wall mounts in Canada.

Regardless of whether you have a smaller TV or a large flat-screen, there’s a TV wall mount out there for every person. Setting up your TV on a wall comes with tremendous benefits, including having a more enjoyable viewing experience and freeing up valuable floor space.

With all of PrimeCables TV wall mounts, a customer can enjoy the heavy-duty steel construction and will have the required hardware to make installation easy and safe.

Angle-free tilt TV wall mount – $5.99

The angle-free tilt mount with safety lock is meant for LEDs, LCDs, and plasma flat-screens sized between 26” and 55”. Currently on sale with more than 75% off, it’s the mount to buy if you don’t know which one you like. It can carry up to 88 pounds, has a magnetic bubble level already in the design,

Heavy-duty tilting wall mount – $14.99

For TVs between 37” and 70”, this heavy-duty tilting TV wall mount is perfect for installation in Canadian homes. Use it with any curved or flat-panel TV screen. Apply a tilt of 10 degrees up or down as needed. This will help minimize glare. The open architecture design also allows for the appropriate ventilation and easy access to the back for home theater cables.

Full motion articulating TV wall amount – $39.99

Also for TVs between 37” and 70”, this full-motion articulating TV wall mount supports most flat-panel TVs up to 110 lbs. The tilt mechanism can provide a 10 degree up or down as well as a 60-degree swivel. It extends 20 inches out from the wall and provides a diverse range of angles a homeowner can use to adjust as they watch.

Universal LED wall mount – $24.99

The TV wall mount with articulating arm is designed for any LEDs, LCDs, and plasma screens between 13” and 55”. For households who have a smaller sized set, this is a great diverse mount option for you. Supports up to 77 lbs.

For these TV wall mounts and more, visit Canada’s own PrimeCables. All purchases include free returns, a 1-year product guarantee, and a ‘free shipping’ coupon is automatically applied on orders $49 or above. On all TV mounts, you can rely on an easy install and a quality product. Shop the best TV wall mounts in Canada from PrimeCables today.

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