What’s Best for Productivity using a TV Monitor

When it comes to working professionals, productivity counts for a lot. Anyone operating a home business or who works from a home office may require more than a regular computer monitor allows. Oftentimes, we hear the debate between what’s best for productivity between an ultrawide monitor or using multiple monitors – the answer is an interesting one.

As valuable as an ultrawide monitor can be, here’s why we think using multiple monitors is probably the ideal way to go. An ultrawide monitor gives you a single screen on which to put everything. Although it works well for some applications – such as anything in graphic design, video, or image-based – it’s still a single screen for everything.

Comparatively, multiple monitors allow you to segment and separate. Instead of spending so much more on a single ultrawide monitor which is impressive, spend less on multiple monitors. Productivity-wise, you’re not losing anything and you’re saving money in the meantime. Relating to segmenting your work, you can have video going on one monitor, software on another, something you have to read or respond to on one, and/or another on which you can write and do your work.

Now, naturally, you might think having two or three monitors on your desk is going to have up a significant amount of space. You’re not wrong. What we usually recommend for multiple computer monitors is a monitor desk mount. You can purchase a single monitor desk mount and use multiples, or choose to buy a dual mount, triple mount, or above. A mount elevates your monitor up and away from the desk, freeing up space while giving you a very impressive workstation.

An ultrawide monitor is essentially a premium-priced fancy single monitor. For most, they don’t need it. If you already have a monitor you enjoy, you can purchase another one and a desk mount, and you can instantly re-design your setup. Arrive at all the screen space you need and finally be able to be the productive person you know you can be. The opportunity’s there and you don’t need to sacrifice the desk space for it.

Regarding how to be more productive in a home office, you may choose to purchase other accessories to go along with your multiple monitors and the mount. You may choose to upgrade your desk to something more ergonomic like a height adjustable sit-standing desk, for example.

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