What to Shop for Amazon Prime Day 2019 in Canada

Amazon Prime Day 2019 in Canada is still a big deal, even though it’s primarily a US-based collection of deals and promotions. What to expect for Prime Day in Canada in a nutshell, for a lot of people, involves going to Amazon, checking out some electronics, and calling it a day.

PrimeCables doesn’t subscribe to that one-day-only sales dynamic. We want Canadians to be able to enjoy low, fair pricing on everything from TVs to media streamers, home theater accessories, USB cables, and more.

It’s no secret that at PrimeCables, we focus a lot on cables. HDMI cables for your home entertainment system, Ethernet cables to strengthen your Internet connection, USB cables to charge and sync your smartphones and other mobile devices, Apple lightning cables, and chargers are readily accessible this July on some pretty excellent deals.

Get ready, Canadian shoppers. This is just where the savings start. There’s plenty of low-cost inexpensive cables, USB accessories, and more to pick up. Then, there’s some more high-end products you will find like smart TV boxes, curved gaming monitors, TVs, and more.

Do you have a home office or have plans to start up a home office? Check out some of our ergonomic office desks, height adjustable and ready to go from sit to standing in seconds. See single motor desks, dual motor desks, manual height adjustable sit stand desks, ergonomic desk raisers, and even ergonomic desks for children.

Combined with some of the other cables, adapters, and office accessories, there’s a lot to be saved in terms of costs, shipping, and the necessities. Though there are plenty of deals on TVs, smart home gadgets, laptops, and PCs, sometimes you just need what you need to get your home office up and going. This July, make the investment in yourself!

There’s also plenty of little tools, instruments, and devices, and trendy accessories you can add to your list to beef up your Prime Day haul. An Air Mouse mini wireless multi-function keyboard with infrared IR learning can help to streamline your home’s entertainment system. Fast charge your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy with a 10-watt wireless charger Qi-certified. Alternatively, if you need to do some fixing around the house, with PrimeCables there are several portable and wireless power tools sold individually as well as smaller starter kits such as a slotted & phillip magnetic screwdriver set for high-impact construction and DIY projects.

Unlike Amazon who wants you to become a Prime member, you don’t need to do that with PrimeCables. Shop with us year-round and find the best deals. As a Canadian-based retailer, we’re aiming to have our biggest sales season yet this summer. So join us. Sit out somewhere under the sun with a cold beverage, find your best deals on-site at PrimeCables, and save money on these exclusives and more!

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