See the Benefits of a Smart Socket over a Regular Multi-Outlet Strip

Uh oh, you have a family’s worth of devices and not enough adapters to plug them in. So many households face this exact predicament every day. It sucks to have to buy adapter after adapter, plug after plug, just to be able to charge our phones and devices. This is the whole concept behind a smart socket.

There are different kinds of smart sockets, some more basic and others more advanced. Let’s explore some of the more basic models just to get going. You can get a multi-outlet surge protector wall mount and with two, three, or more USB ports in which you can plug your smartphones, tablets, and other devices to charge. For families who are notoriously chasing adapters and plugs, a basic model like this can work wonders at simplifying the whole charging dynamic.

As helpful and as impressive as those are, they aren’t technically ‘smart sockets’ because there isn’t anything ‘smart tech’ to them. For it to be a smart socket, it’s got to have the ability to interconnect with smart devices like Alexa, Google Home, and others.

Imagine a 4-outlet, 2 USB port power strip that was compatible with other smart home devices. You can control it all via voice control or app with 24/7 remote monitoring. The USB ports are also fast charging which means plugging in your device doesn’t have to have the whole day to charge it. THAT’s what’s meant by a smart socket!

PrimeCables® Smart Power Strip

  • Alexa, Google Home compatible

A multi-outlet strip still has value but it really only covers the basics. We use our plug outlets more today for USB than for anything. Skip the USB adapter and plug directly in. Beyond that, go the extra mile with a smart socket which you can control from your smartphone. As our households move closer to integrating more smart home accessories, these smart sockets bring one’s home closer to appreciating all the conveniences technology brings us.

Smart plugs from big brands cost an arm and a leg. From Canada’s own PrimeCables, you have the same functionality except it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Work it with your own voice assistant. It’s the perfect deal for those tech-minded. Snag a single outlet or up to 4 outlets. Manage your smart home devices via voice control, control it all remotely, switch appliances on/off according to a timer, connect it through the Internet wirelessly, and protect your energy efficiency rate.

PrimeCables® Mini Smart Socket with Timer

  • Alexa, Google Home compatible

Shop smart sockets and more from PrimeCables, and see the advantages yourself. You will never want to go back to a regular plug or outlet again!

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