Creating Your Own Bluetooth Wireless Hands-Free Car Radio for FM and MP3 Players

We don’t all have the luxury of being able to buy the newest cars. A lot of us driving used cars or older cars face older technology inside. For playing music and tapping into our smartphone playlists, it can be a bit of a struggle without direct connectivity. Here’s a simple, fast way to connect your player, listen to your music, and enjoy when you’re on the road.

Plug this device into your car and immediately, you have Bluetooth functionality activated. Completely wireless, you can then connect any device with Bluetooth to your car. Use your smartphone, tablet, or anything else and get crystal clear audio coming through your car’s system.

No matter how old your vehicle is, once this hands-free Bluetooth car kit is plugged in, you’ve advanced the tech functionality inside in a big way. Sync up your phone and play a podcast or music. Listen to what you want to listen to. Are you receiving a call? You can now answer your phone while driving completely hands-free and have the call come in through your car’s stereo system. It’s the safest way to drive, ensuring you don’t fidget trying to get music to play or to answer a call.

The possibilities on what you can connect to your new car Bluetooth connection is endless. You will also be shocked at how crystal clear the sound quality is. Using CVC technology, any interference, noise, and wind are minimized ensuring you get the best Bluetooth quality sound possible. Built into the design of this smartphone Bluetooth car adapter is the ability to charge devices via a USB output. An average FM transmitter doesn’t come close to this in terms of functionality or quality of sound. This takes things a step further and at no extra cost.

When you buy the Bluetooth FM transmitter from PrimeCables, you’re also receiving a model equipped with a large LED screen. This display shows things like the current voltage on a storage battery in the car, the name of the song being played, will act as a caller ID when a phone call comes in, has connect information, contains an FM channel to control your radio with, and of course has a volume so that you have some adjustability.

All in all, you’re getting hands-free Bluetooth compatibility, crystal clear sound, and the ability to USB charge. It all comes in the same vehicle as what you already own! Upgrade now and buy yours today, before you set out on your next summer adventure. Get it from PrimeCables.

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