What Are the Best Black Friday Deals in Canada – see here!

Canada’s favourite Black Friday deals are coming out of the gate from PrimeCables, with exclusives on home theater systems, USB accessories, smartphone accessories, and more. You can get a jump right now on your holiday shopping plan, with an early look into PrimeCables’ catalogue for the best Black Friday deals in Canada.

Smartphone accessories

Little knick-knacks for your smartphone including USB sync and charge cables, USB hubs, protection cases, magnetic mounts for your bedroom or car, and more are on Black Friday sale. These make for great Christmas or holiday gifts, or are wonderful to splurge on yourself. Once you’ve added up the savings on what you can walk away with, you’ll find it to be a pretty incredible day to go shopping. This is the run-up to the holidays and we want to see products move!

Smart home products

Have you wanted more surveillance at home, more security, or are just plain fascinated by technology – check out some of our smart home products. Smart home tech Black Friday deals include exclusive discounts on smart locks and door bells, security cameras that link to your smartphone 24/7, home automation and smart home controllers and kits, smart lighting, smart plugs and outlets, and monitoring and sensors. You will love what you can walk away with.

Height adjustable sit-stand desks

A huge attraction for home office users, entrepreneurs, and business owners working out of a space in their home or rented in a multi-office setting are sit-standing desks. These height adjustable models allow you to sit or stand as you see fit, helping you with your fitness and cardiovascular conditioning as you work. More people are tapping into these ergonomic desks and for Black Friday, they’re on a big sale!

Home theater accessories

If there’s one thing we’re known for at PrimeCables, it’s home theater accessories and November’s a great month to grab what you need to set up, install, or upgrade what you got going on at home. See speaker systems, TVs, projectors, speaker mounts, TV wall mounts, A/V receivers, cut-the-cord indoor and outdoor TV antennas, and Android smart TV boxes. Home theater Black Friday deals are ready to happen!

This isn’t all you’ll find at PrimeCables, of course. There are 100s of deals. A lot of these deals only come once a year. We’ve had some customers clear out their whole holiday gift shopping list from a single Black Friday shop at PrimeCables. Here’s your chance. See gifts for men, gifts for women, award-winning tech products, and high quality products that are sure to sell out soon! This is your ultimate Black Friday shop in Canada.

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