How Many Watts Do My Computer Speakers Need – A Guide to Multimedia Speakers

So you want to buy multimedia computer speakers but you don’t know how many watts you need. Most of us think, ‘The more, the better!’ This isn’t necessarily true.

In home audio design, there’s a lot of dispute about this question. A lot of people have misconceptions around audio or choose speakers based off how they look in design rather than the specifications that sit behind the look.

When computer speakers give a wattage amount, it’s not always clear what this means. There isn’t any indication whether this is a maximum, average, peak, or if it’s a sustainable level of wattage. It’s also not easy to find this information. Even digging online into the manufacturer’s specifications, it’s not uncommon to walk away mystery unsolved.

Did you know a 200-watt amp puts out the same power as a 10-watt amp – it’s true! Listening occurs at average levels, oftentimes using less than 1 watt on a speaker. At a specific volume setting, in a given speaker load, amplifiers give the same amount of power as long as they’re capable of giving said amount.

With multimedia speakers, these aren’t meant to be used for big events where you want the volume at an uncomfortably loud level. At most, you may never need more than 10 or 20 watts.

For speakers like these to work, you want to use an amplifier that matches the wattage. A 1,000 watt amplifier can work with a 50-watt multimedia speaker and won’t do any damage it as long as you don’t turn up the amplifier to exceed the limitations of the speaker.

With a set of desktop-powered multimedia speakers, the amplifier is built into the speaker so this risk doesn’t exist. If you want a simple, high-power computer audio setup, desktop-powered speakers are the way to go.

Now let’s assume you’re using your speakers for music. If you aren’t expecting to throw a party and have them rock the house, 50 watts is more than adequate for desktop computer speakers. Comparatively, the average TV audio amplifier only gives out up to 10 watts per speaker.

A listenable volume is achievable with much less than what you need in power. The added wattage in a desktop multimedia speaker at 50 watts is going to be loud, clear, enjoyable, and you won’t find them expensive. In general, the more watts, the louder and cleaner an audio signal’s going to be. That said, a 50-watter is perfect for desktop computers.

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