Ethernet FAQ – The Most Common Questions about Ethernet Answered

For home Internet, we all think WiFi. Although fine, wireless Internet is not always reliable and sometimes slower.

An alternative is a connection to Internet through a wire. That’s where an Ethernet cable comes in. This article answers the most common questions about Ethernet, in this exclusive FAQ.

What is Ethernet?

Ethernet is wired Internet. It is the best way to deliver a reliable Internet connection throughout your home or business.

What are the different types of Ethernet cables?

Ethernet cables come in ‘Categories’. When Ethernet was first invented in the late 1980s, it was called a Category 1 cable. For the past few years, most households and businesses use Cat 5e cables, Cat 6 cables, or Cat 7 cables. These are the main differences between the different categories.

  • Cat 5e cables have a data transfer of 1Gbps at a frequency of 100MHz.
  • Cat 6 cables have a data transfer of 1Gbps at a frequency of 250MHz.
  • Cat 6a cables have a data transfer of 10Gbps at a frequency of 500MHz.
  • Cat 7 cables have a data transfer of 10Gbps at a frequency of 600MHz.
  • Cat 7a cables have a data transfer of 40Gbps at a frequency of 1GHz.

What is the best Ethernet cable?

The best Ethernet cable is one that works. For most households, Cat 6 Ethernet cables provide more than enough data transfer and connection speeds. That said, Cat 5e Ethernet cables are the most popular type currently in use. We regularly see businesses and homes upgrade their Ethernet wiring to Category 6 or above.

Is Ethernet better than WiFi?

Even the best WiFi routers have Ethernet ports. There’s a reason for that. Ethernet is notoriously faster, surpassing WiFi speeds. Ethernet can travel longer distances and is considered a more reliable signal.

Is Ethernet more secure than WiFi?

A WiFi signal can be hacked. If they know the password, they can get in. Ethernet doesn’t work like that. To hack an Ethernet connection, you need to actually connect to the cable. The disadvantage to Ethernet is every device needs to connect via wire. It’s also its greatest protection.

How do I get the fastest Internet?

The fastest Internet is through an Ethernet cable. To make it happen though, three things come into play. The router’s speed needs to be where you want. The type of Ethernet cable needs to be capable of handling the data. Your device also needs to be capable of using the data.

When is Ethernet used?

Ethernet is used by businesses that routinely have a lot of people on their Internet at the same time. For home theater systems, gaming systems, and households who require a fast, reliable Internet connection, there’s nothing better than a high-quality Ethernet cable.

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