Best Apps and Tools to Help You Work From Home in the Coronavirus Pandemic

Are you struggling with work-from-home productivity – these apps and tools can help.


Trello is a series of organization boards divided into columns according to interest. Trello is like having your own work-from-home virtual assistant. Create columns ranked in importance and divide up your workload according to what needs to get done day-to-day. gives a user the chance to listen to concentration-centric music, building from neurological studies and data that keeps your mental state clear and focused. Similar music, including those made from binaural beats, can be found online through YouTube.

Adobe Fill & Sign App

The Adobe Fill & Sign app can be downloaded on any Android or iOS system. It gives a user opportunity to virtually sign any documents and give their permission in signature. As more management works from home due to COVID-19, virtual signatures can be very important.

Super Auto Refresh Plus

This one’s a Google Chrome add-on. How Super Auto Refresh Plus works is by automatically refreshing tabs every 10 minutes. This keeps tabs active and prevents them from timing out.

Ergonomic Home Office Accessories

You being comfortable is a necessity for your participation in a work-from-home situation. Ergonomic home office accessories, such as desks, mounts, and other supports, are worth their weight in gold. If you don’t already have a home office desk, now’s a great time to consider buying one and developing your home office setting.


Boomerang is a Gmail add-on that gives you the chance to set a future reminder to answer an email message. If you don’t intend to respond to a message you receive in the moment, Boomerang will remind you at a specified time frame ensuring no email goes unaddressed.

Cables, Wires, and Adapters

As we come to build our home offices, various cables and adapters might be needed. USB chargers and adapters, USB cables, extension cords, Ethernet cables, and surge protectors are popular. All the cables, wires, and office adapters you could want can be found at

Google Script Bundle

Google Script Bundle is a multi-app Google-supported resource that can help you with tasks including cleaning out backlogs of old emails to optimizing a social media bot. Though not applicable to every work-from-home job, Google Script Bundle will assist in maximizing your professional social media and email time.

A work-from-home situation can be tough to manage, especially when you are juggling work priorities while taking care of things at home. For desks, ergonomic accessories, and other home office essentials, visit

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