Does An Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat Work – see here!

Our body was not designed to stand in one position for an extended period. An anti-fatigue standing mat cushions the floor. Your feet adapt and your legs are better supported. Standing mats are in high demand, for these very reasons, in a wide variety of work and home environments.

We’ve all heard about the risks of prolonged sitting. Well, prolonged standing isn’t so good for ourselves either. When we stand for extended periods in the same place, it puts unnecessary pressure on our circulatory system. Our hearts have to work harder and our blood pressure increases.

This is why you see many people who work in a standing position end up with damaged joints, swelling in the legs, foot issues ranging from bunions to Achilles Tendonitis, and pain in the hip, back, and neck.

When you slip an anti-fatigue standing mat under your feet, the dynamic of standing changes. Muscles in our feet and calves are better supported which allows the body to pump blood throughout the venous system.

That’s what happens at a technical level. At a more perceivable level, why standing mats are beneficial is because they help you stand longer. They’re healthier and more comfortable. People using anti-fatigue mats also find other benefits around better-supported blood circulation and the effects of comfort on one’s posture.

To anyone who asks the question “Do standing mats work?” we say try one for a couple of days. There’s a noticeable difference, whether you’re using one in a home office, at the tool bench, and/or in the kitchen. You will feel the difference on your heels, legs, back, and neck, with reduced pressure on the body.

Anti-fatigue mats have also become particularly popular with Canadians currently working from home offices and/or in work-from-home positions due to COVID-19. If you have an ergonomic height-adjustable desk, it’s not a bad idea to purchase a standing mat.

When standing, even if it’s only for a few minutes, a standing mat works. You save yourself discomfort while ensuring your body is the healthiest it can be while you work. Any time you are working on a hardwood, cement, or any type of hard flooring, your shoes aren’t going to necessarily protect your legs, back, and how your weight bears down on the joints. A standing mat works.

Find the best standing mats in Canada from If you work on your feet and are dealing with stress and pain, fix it. A standing mat works – plain and simple.

Featured photo by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash

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