Can I Still Use Ethernet if My Laptop Or Device Doesn’t Have a Built-In Ethernet Port – read here!

Ethernet provides a more reliable Internet connection, faster speeds, and better security regardless of whether you’re at home or the office.

Unfortunately, some devices don’t have Ethernet ports to connect themselves via Ethernet networking cables. If there’s no place to connect a cable, can a laptop, tablet, or any other device use Ethernet – you will find the answer in this article.

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My Laptop Doesn’t Have An Ethernet Port. What Do I Do?

Most laptops do not have an Ethernet port. The world has shifted so much to portability in our devices and WiFi that an Ethernet connection is rarely used among laptop users. Even so, to connect to Ethernet on a laptop, it is possible.

Most laptops do have a USB port. What you will need is an Ethernet adapter that matches to a port on your laptop. The same will apply to any device with a USB port. Plug in your adapter. Connect your Cat6 Ethernet cable. You’re good to go.

Can I Connect My Smartphone or Tablet to Ethernet?

If you have a compatible Ethernet adapter for smartphones and tablets, you can connect devices like these to Ethernet no problem. For Android smartphones, in particular, it’s very easy.

What Is The Right Ethernet Adapter For My Device?

You will first have to evaluate the type of port you have. In most cases, this will be a general USB port. Once you know, you can go online to and browse the adapters there. Dozens of Ethernet adapters exist. Choose the one that’s right for you.

Don’t forget you will also need an Ethernet cable, a la a Cat5e cable, Cat6 cable, or above. In case you don’t already have an Ethernet cable, they are also available in abundance through

Using Ethernet and WiFi At the Same Time

You can use WiFi and Ethernet simultaneously. If you aren’t able to connect via Ethernet, accessing your network through WiFi is ultimately your only choice. You can use a WiFi modem to create a hot spot rather easily or simply use traditional WiFi with a password.

When Do You Want to Switch to Ethernet on a Laptop?

There are several situations where Ethernet is preferred or outright better than a wireless connection on a laptop.

  • You’re working from home and you want or require the best Internet speed possible.
  • You have security requirements that cannot be met with WiFi. Anyone can hack a password to gain access to WiFi. To get onto someone’s Ethernet connection, they physically have to cut into the wire. Security is majorly improved on Ethernet.
  • The WiFi signal you’re getting is weak. If this is the case, an Ethernet cable will maximize your speed.
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