7 Ergonomic Accessories to Add to Your Work-From-Home Office This Spring

Ergonomics is all about achieving comfort level. When the body doesn’t have to contend with stress from prolonged sitting, you don’t get those same aches and pains. What you’ll find on this list aren’t essentials but they add a little more functionality to your home workstation. Shop everything on this list from Canada’s own PrimeCables.ca.

Height-Adjustable Two-Shelf Cart

There’s not enough space on a desk for a printer. You may have paperwork that doesn’t suit a home office desk as well. A height-adjustable two-shelf cart on wheels is an opportune way to place what doesn’t fit on your desk right beside you.

Under-Desk Swivel Storage Tray

An under-desk swivel storage tray is a small storage compartment in which you can keep work supplies like pens, paper clips, post-it notes, thumbtacks, and more. If you need some place to store your little knick-knacks, try it.

Cable Management Spine

Every home office has cables hanging down from behind the computer or laptop, or audio devices. A cable management spine has snap-together interlinking blocks that help to keep cables organized. Clean up your home office cables and put them through a spine like this one.

Adjustable Computer Keyboard and Mouse Platform

Store your computer keyboard and mouse somewhere safe. This is a pull-down adjustable keyboard and mouse tray. It’s stable and durable, and stows under desk. Slide it out when it’s needed. Slide it back in when it’s not needed.

Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

For those with an ergonomic height-adjustable office desk, an anti-fatigue standing mat is an excellent accessory. Stand on your portable comfort mat when you need to, and it works to reduce pressure on the feet and back.

Glass Ergonomic Tabletop Riser and Stand

Give yourself another level on your desk. This trendy glass ergonomic tabletop riser can accommodate everything from LCD monitors to speakers, printers, streaming devices, and more. Many people use it to raise the height of their monitor but it is a flat work surface that can be purposed for any number of things.

Clamp-On Power Strip Holder

Power strips thrown on the floor towards the back of a desk doesn’t exactly give convenient access. A clamp-on power strip holder does exactly what you’d expect. It clamps onto your ergonomic computer desk and through silicone pads, firmly grips a power strip. This way, it’s far easier to plug in smartphones and mobile devices to charge, and more.

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Featured photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

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