How to Study From Home – A Guide for University, College, and High School Students

Ask any student. Studying from home and staying motivated in this COVID-19 lockdown has brought challenges. Staying focused can be difficult and the work itself can be very dull, especially in comparison with the distractions around someone.

To make studying from home for students easier, we’ve put together this guide. Included are essentials for a study space as well as some tips to help you zero in on the task-at-hand. Here is your ultimate COVID-19 study guide for students in high school, college, and university.

Have Fun When You’re Not Studying

The first piece of advice we give on how to study from home is the opposite of what many probably expect. When you’re not studying, have fun. We all have psychological needs – connection, love, purpose, belonging, etc. Ensure those are being met. If you’re feeling depressed, you won’t be able to self-motivate to the extent that you need to.

Build An Ergonomic Study Space

Every student should have an ergonomic study space, including a height-adjustable desk. Accessories you may want to add include a monitor mount, an anti-fatigue standing mat, a tabletop, a cable spine, or a keyboard and mouse tray. This is where the majority of studying will take place. If you create an environment where concentration is most likely, you stand a better chance at making it happen.

Block Out the Distractions

Even if you’re in your own study space, there will still come distractions in the form of sound. Consider purchasing some over-the-ear headphones. They don’t have to be noise cancellation although that helps. Earbuds also work. Multimedia speakers or desktop speakers won’t. Headphones that fully surround the ear allow you to block out outside noises while listening to music or a soundtrack that helps you focus.

Have A Comfortable Desk Chair

The trend in ergonomic office design is we usually overspend on the desk and then don’t even consider the chair. You’ve got to be comfortable, no matter what. If you’re dealing with aches and/or are in an uncomfortable position, it’s just something else that’s going to break concentration. Consider an adjustable mesh office chair or a specially designed ergonomic office chair.

Time On/Time Off

Concentration works best when it’s done in timed bursts. This is why employees are given a lunchtime and breaks. You can’t chain yourself to your desk for 12 hours a day and expect amazing results. Instead, give yourself two-hour blocks and then break for 15 minutes. Doing so also plays into a hard-work-and-reward system. Doing this will maximize focus and help you stay engaged with your studies.

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