Put A Monitor Mount or Monitor Arm In Your Home Office to Save Space

A monitor mount in a home office does a lot of things. The most obvious is lifting your monitor upwards, freeing up the space underneath which would otherwise be taken. This creates a dynamic and ergonomic home office you can use for days on end.

An efficient home office requires having your computer monitor in a comfortable location. A monitor mount brings your monitor up to eye-level. Height-adjustable, you can adjust your monitor’s exact placement according to how you intend to be working.

Another benefit of using a monitor mount in a home office is what it can do for multiples. Professions like graphic designers, video editors, and even some office workers may have two, three, or even four monitors to work from.

For multiple monitors, you can do one of two things. The first option is to give each one a single monitor mount. This works, although it can take up unnecessary space on the back of your ergonomic desk.

The second option is to use a monitor mount that accommodates all your monitors. There are dual-monitor mounts, triple-monitor mounts, and more available from Canada’s own PrimeCables. These are worth checking out if you have two or more monitors to elevate.

The biggest drawback of monitor mounts is the cost. You can easily find monitor arms or mounts for upwards of $75 and above. This isn’t the case at PrimeCables. We prioritize quality, affordability, and a well-made product. We always try to offer the best price possible for all essentials for home offices.

Searching for the right monitor mount for your office, measure the screen. A monitor mount is designed for specific sized monitors. For example, this full-motion dual-monitor desk mount is designed for monitors 13” to 27”.

In addition to simple pipe-style mounts, there are also gas spring desk mounts which are considered the most ergonomic option. If you want the most height adjustability you can have from your mount, a gas spring can sometimes outperform those that are made pipe-style.

A gas spring monitor mount doesn’t require any tools to adjust the height. It’s all done by hand. When you set yourself up for a day’s work at your home office ergonomic desk, adjust your monitor’s height by hand. Pull it or pull it and the monitor should remain in place.

Home office workers deserve to have the best in essentials and accessories. Be comfortable. Be productive. A monitor mount is affordable, fancy, and likely to make your home office a more hospitable environment. Shop today with PrimeCables.ca.

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