See the Best Portable Power Banks in Canada, From Affordable to High-Tech!

Pocket-sized power banks are great for when your mobile device needs a charge and a USB outlet isn’t nearby.

Power banks range in affordability, fast charging speed, and number of outputs. If you travel regularly or are routinely worried about your phone’s battery life, it’s a handy investment. You always will have some place to get a charge from. Here are the best mobile device battery backups in Canada.

4,000Ah/16,000Ah Power Bank and Lightning Cable – $18.39

With this 4,000Ah portable power bank for on-the-go use, you not only get the charger but a lightning cable as well. You just plug and your device charges. There’s overcurrent protection included. Charge the power bank, toss it in your bag, and use it when you need it.

5,000mAh Power Bank Battery Charger Dual Output – $17.24

When you’re looking for an external power bank, ideally, you want one that packs a decent amount of power. The 5,000mAh Power Bank Battery Charger comes with a micro-USB cable, 18.5W fast charging, and can accommodate any USB device.

10,000mAh Portable External Battery Charger – $28.75

The 10,000mAh Portable External Battery Charger supports PD fast charging across USB Type-C connections and more. Included in this purchase is a micro-USB charging cable. Automatic charging on any USB device.

Which Power Bank is Right For Me and My Devices?

Any of these portable USB power banks are worth having on your person when you’re out. Differences exist in price, power output, and the amount of charge the power bank can retain. Most find themselves just as satisfied with a 4,000mAh design as they do a 10,000mAh one.

With deals like these, there’s no excuse not to have a buy a power bank. They’re also portable and built for travel which means they can bang around in a bag or pocket without scuffing or getting damaged.

Power banks included on our list generally recharge quickly which is fortunate. The overcurrent protection on them ensures your smartphone or other mobile devices are never put at risk. Although it’s frustrating watching your battery run down into single digits, with a power bank, at least there’s a way to keep your phone operational until you get to a proper USB outlet and charging station.

Let a power bank act as your own personal mobile USB charging station. Any device. Any time. Suddenly, running down your mobile’s battery isn’t such a big deal.

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Featured photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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