5 Reasons to Buy A TV Wall Mount For Your Flat-Screen

The best TV wall amounts are, above all else, useful. They give your home theater system something extra to help elevate it. It’s a way to make an impression on yourself and visitors, maximizing the viewing experience at an affordable cost.

TV wall mounts for flat-screens can range from very basic models to those with a tilt, angle, articulating arm, full-motion, and pull-down functionality. There are also ceiling mounts that provide households the chance to hang flat-screens down from a height.

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Heavy-Duty TV Ceiling Mount for Most 37″-80″ TV – PrimeCables®

If you aren’t already convinced, here are 5 reasons to buy a TV wall mount for your home entertainment system.

TV Wall Mounts Install Easy

TV wall mount installation is very simple. All you need to install a mount is to use a stud finder to find the studs behind your wall and the ability to drill the mount’s wall plates in. It only takes 10 minutes or less. Always follow the manufacturer’s instruction guide.

TV Wall Mounts Save Space

Whether you live in a small condo or your home theater room is sizeable, clutter makes for unnecessary space-taking. With a mount, you lift your TV up and place it on the wall akin to artwork. Normally, you’d have a TV stand or table on which a flat-screen would rest. A mount immediately saves that space and gives you a chance to make different use of it.

TV Wall Mounts Help You Find A Better Angle

We watch our flat-screens in living rooms, bedrooms, and plenty elsewhere. Common issues include not finding the optimum angle to watch at and glare from a light source. A tilt TV wall mount is adjustable. Find the right angle for now and set it. Then, still have the ability to make changes later when you have guests over or when you’re watching from a different perspective.

TV Wall Mounts Make Your Flat-Screen Look Even Bigger

Large, high-definition flat-screens look their best set in a TV wall mount. They look even more glorious than when set on a table or stand. All in all, this creates a more immersive watch experience and if you enjoy playing video games, it really takes things up a notch. This also perhaps unintentionally results in an ergonomic design, reducing strain on your neck and shoulders.

TV Wall Mounts Offer Functionality You Won’t Get Otherwise

Like we said from the get-go, you have a lot of functionality there. Angle and swivel your flat-screen up and down. If you have a pull-down or full-motion model, you can also re-angle the screen to accommodate guests who may be in the room. You can have one type of configuration when on your own and another when you have company. That’s the beauty of having a TV wall mount.

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