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Waterproof Bluetooth speakers, you can take with you in a wide variety of wet conditions. A decent-quality speaker with Bluetooth capability and in a waterproof design is the perfect summer accessory. Here are just a few of the places we’ve seen our speakers taken.

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The #1 reason why people buy waterproof Bluetooth speakers is to take it to the beach. On a private or public beach, there’s nothing better than heading out to the edge close to where water meets sand and listening to your favourite summertime tracks while hanging with some friends.


On a boat, it can be frustratingly dull on some days. Even the best fishermen will tell you that. Though a loud Bluetooth speaker on a small boat can set vibrations out that dissuade fish from coming around, a wireless Bluetooth speaker at an appropriate volume will liven up the atmosphere a bit. Especially on average-to-large boats, it’s a nice way to spend a summer afternoon.


If you enjoy hiking or heading out camping, a Bluetooth speaker is the easiest way to enjoy listening to music in the privacy of the woods. All you need is a good charge on your wireless speaker. For day trips, a speaker like this is perfect. For week-long camping trips, you want an electrical outlet or an external battery pack to charge up devices like this.

Backyard Pool

If you have a backyard pool or a deck pool, a Bluetooth speaker sat out by your chair is an opportune way to connect your smartphone and share your best summer playlist with family or friends.

In the Shower

Shower radios used to be very popular. They aren’t so much anymore but some still love music while in the shower. If you’re worried about water damage on a stereo system or in your smartphone, pair it with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. The speaker is fully protected in wet environments like a shower.

Backpack Adventures

Clip-on waterproof Bluetooth speakers go on your backpack and are great for hikers, day adventurers, and anyone who has a long trek to make. For when you’re on-the-go in unfamiliar territory, you want to have your ears open for potential hazards or warnings. Filling them with earbuds isn’t appropriate. A Bluetooth speaker still gives you the chance to listen to music or podcasts while keeping your senses tuned into what’s around you.

Don’t worry about hot, humid, and wet conditions ruining your speaker. When it’s waterproof, you’ll be able to sit poolside, go down by the beach, and not be afraid of a little surprise sunshower. Pick up yours today from PrimeCables.ca.

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