Why A Smart Outlet WiFi Socket Just Makes Sense For A Home

A mini smart outlet WiFi socket uses your existing wireless Internet to help control remotely any connected products.

For a home, this means the chance to turn off appliances, lamps, fans, and plenty more when these components of daily home living aren’t in use.

A form of smart home tech, this is a great introduction to the category. If you’re interested in integrating more technology into your home to give you more control and comfort, a smart outlet’s a great choice to get going with.

How Does A Smart Outlet WiFi Socket Work?

A smart outlet plugs into your existing outlet as a single piece. It functions similarly to a USB smartphone charging outlet in the sense that it plugs in and acts as its own outlet with added functionality.

A PrimeCables.ca WiFi smart socket is compatible with existing smart home hubs and voice assistive devices like Alexa and Google Home. It also comes with a timer function that allows a user to preset how long they wish to give power through their socket.

After it’s plugged in, it is ready to go right away. No further installation required. It is compatible with all 2.4GHz WiFi networks, operates through the TUYA app, and can be controlled from anywhere in the world through this app.

a white single-socket outlet with the logo of PrimeCables
Mini Smart Outlet Wifi Socket with Timer Function, Compatible with Alexa, Google Home – PrimeCables®

What Is A Smart Outlet Used For?

We have already shared a few ways to use smart outlets. Some of the most popular are to accomplish things that you wouldn’t normally be able to do.

People enjoy using them while sleeping to operate a fan or to set a timer on their radio, music player, or flat-screen.

Some enjoy setting up meals beforehand either for breakfast or dinner and then turning on appliances in the kitchen remotely through the TUYA app. If this is you, ensure you’re doing it safely.

Homeowners also enjoy being able to control the atmosphere of their home without their presence in the room. Let’s say on a night where you’re bringing home a date, with a few WiFi smart outlets, you can set up lights and atmosphere to turn on a few minutes before you walk through the door.

Another key feature of the PrimeCables.ca smart outlet plug is that it is small enough to fit two outlets in side by side – something which isn’t always possible with other models.  Consider how a smart outlet like this could impact your home and day-to-day. For TV, humidifiers, lights, audio speakers, coffee machines, and more, a smart outlet’s a great option. Get yours today.

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