7 Smartphone Accessories that Make For the Most Perfect Birthday Gift

Here is your guide to birthday gift smartphone ideas. From affordable to extraordinary, smartphone users will love these easy-to-buy gifts from PrimeCables.ca. Give them some excitement around their smartphone.

Dual Port USB Charger

A dual port USB car charger ensures when they’re on their next road trip, they always have somewhere to get a quick charge on their devices. Using SmartIC Tech, plug the charger into the car’s outlet and then you’re good to go.

Nylon-Braided USB Cables

A durable Nylon-braided cable resists tangles, pet bites, and damage. Built for long-term, these are way more durable than what comes with your device. Encourage switching to a Nylon-braided USB cable where you know you won’t ever have to buy a replacement.

Portable Power Bank

A portable external power bank is a power-filled battery that supports USB fast-charging for smartphones. When they’re out in commute, on the bus, at a friend’s place, or anywhere sans connection to charge their phone, they just need to plug their USB cable into the power bank.

Bluetooth Speaker

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker upgrades what’s possible with a smartphone. Though a smartphone speaker is alright to listen to, if you want to crank the music loud, you can’t. A Bluetooth speaker beside you or clipped to your bag, you can listen to podcasts or music with friends, family, or around the pool.

Remote Control Camera Timer

A Bluetooth-operated remote control smartphone camera timer is a great gift for parents, grandparents, and photographers who are using their devices to capture high-quality photography. Able to be paired with any iPhone, iPad, Android, or Samsung, they’ll get the perspective they want and without sacrificing their ability to take the picture.

Magnetic Car Mount

A 360-degree rotatable smartphone car mount holder is a safe way to have their phone positioned in front while they drive. Use it as a GPS, see phone calls as they come up, and see playlists as they turn over track after track. Every car owner should have a smartphone mount inside.

Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds

Bluetooth true wireless earbuds are perfect for people who like to take their devices with them running, to the gym, or on hiking trips. Cut the wires out of the equation. With built-in noise cancellation, these are the best on the market for under $50.

For must-have smartphone accessories, there’s no cheaper place to shop them than at PrimeCables.ca. See high-quality products at discount prices. From audio to USB cables, great smartphone accessories and gifts are waiting. Shop them today.

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