7 Ways You Can Use An Angle Grinder in Your Garage

An angle grinder is an underrated and diverse tradesman tool. Though some see them and naturally think they’re only used for grinding, angle grinders are so much more than that one action.

An angle grinder uses a rotating disc spun at very high speeds. They come in different sizes, the average of which being 4.5-inch grinders. An angle grinder can cut. It can sharpen. It can sand and polish. And more.

Cut Metal

A cutting wheel, among other attachments, can cut through metal rods, bars, and bolts. Construction workers use metal-cutting chop saws and angle grinders to cut rebars meant to reinforce concrete. Though heavy-duty work, if you have enough power in your angle grinder, you can get it done.

Clean Metal

A wire wheel can remove rust and flaking paint very efficiently. Hard-to-reach areas, including corners and crevices, are no match for a high-quality angle grinder with a wire wheel. Tag yours with a cup brush and you will also be able to remove rust and paint off flat areas.

Polish Metal

A buffing wheel on an angle grinder can help to polish aluminum and steel. Before you start, remove deep marks and burrs with a proper grinding disc.

Cutting Masonry

A diamond-cutting wheel on a 750-watt angle grinder can cut through brick and masonry. Unfortunately, due to the roughness of materials like this, it will wear down the motor quickly. The more power behind your grinder, the better.

Remove Old Mortar

A skilled angle grinder DIY artist can remove old mortar without damaging bricks. Once again, ensuring the attachment is strong enough to do the job is key. A diamond tuckpointing wheel similar in thickness to the width of the mortar is best.

Cutting Tile and Concrete

Tile and concrete can easily be cut with an angle grinder, although a professional tile saw is a better option for the task. Using an angle grinder, you will need a dry-cut diamond disc. For a homeowner, this makes replacing old tiles easier than ever.

Grinding and Sharpening

The most common use of angle grinders is to grind and sharpen flat surfaces. You can remove excess material, weld joints, and more. Most DIY renovators and homeowner handymen love having an angle grinder for this ability alone.

Angle grinders in Canada are very versatile. As long as you find the right attachment, you can greatly open up the possibilities of what you can do with it. Find your high-quality 750W angle grinder today at PrimeCables.ca.

Photo by cetteup on Unsplash

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