Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds – What to Look For in Features And Specs

Your Bluetooth wireless earbuds ideally should come in at a low price and sound better than expected.

Unfortunately, that isn’t always easy to find. True wireless Bluetooth stereo earbuds can easily eclipse $100 when taking into account the features. It’s not enough just to have Bluetooth capabilities. Brands have to ensure the sound quality, controls, and price are just right.

For the best Bluetooth wireless earbuds, here’s the right mindset to take and the features you deserve to have.


A great pair of Bluetooth stereo earbuds shouldn’t cost above $50-$60. Less than $30 and suspicions should arise. That’s too low. What you might receive as a product will be less than quality. In the range of $50, that’s perfect.

Charging Case

They make all sorts of charging cases, each designated with a mAh power rating. A 2600mAh charging case, at minimum, should come with your Bluetooth earbuds. A built-in charging case like this ensures your buds stay charged wherever you happen to take yourself. A 2600mAh charging case provides an additional 130 hours of play time.

Sound Quality

Accuracy, clarity, and exceptional sound quality all-around. Of course, we all want the best Bluetooth sound possible. Some brands don’t necessarily deliver that. Look for things like impedance graphene drivers which help to power the sound and active noise reduction technology. Consider the fit of your earbuds. Try them with music. Try them with podcasts. Cheaper Bluetooth earbuds aren’t going to work.

What is ‘True Wireless’?

True wireless earbuds refer to Bluetooth buds that have no wires between them or to an audio source. You can get Bluetooth earbuds that are cheaper that carry a wire from bud to bud. Searching for buds that have no wires at all, ‘true wireless’ is the keyword.

IPX5 Waterproofing

A final note on design is the waterproofing. Sweat and rain are inevitably going to come in contact with your Bluetooth earbuds. IPX5 waterproofing is the industry standard. Cheaper earbuds tend to forego this to help keep costs low. Don’t discount it. Bluetooth true wireless earbuds are just under $45, come with a 2600mAh charging case, and are built for high-quality sound. You don’t have to break the bank for amazing-quality earbuds. They’re as good as black AirPods at a fraction of the price. The technology inside is top-of-the-line. Packing everything we can in features into them, these are solid earbuds that you can rely on. Shop Bluetooth earbuds today at

Photo by Marcela Laskoski on Unsplash

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