What Goes in the Best USB-C Power Banks in Canada For Your Smartphone – read here!

For iPhones, iPads, Androids, and other devices, a low battery is literally a killer. When you’re nowhere near an outlet and you’re getting closer to single digits in power left, a USB-C power bank is your best bet.

An external power bank has become the standard for on-the-go charging. Have one. Take it anywhere. In commute to work. When you’re at a friend’s place. On a long road trip. A power bank’s always got your back, regardless of where you are.

Don’t be caught out with a smartphone battery about to give up. Here’s what to look for in searching for a power bank that’s right for you and your devices.


An external power bank is small but heavy. If you drop it, you’re out of luck without a heavy-duty case. An anodized aluminum body is the go-to finish for USB-C power banks for this reason. Matched with a matte, polished finish, your power bank has the best protection it can in the unfortunate event that it’s dropped or gets put in a situation where it’s likely to break.

USB-C Connection

For the fastest charging in the market, look for a USB-C power bank. There are power banks manufactured with a USB input lesser than Type-C. While all-around average and functioning, speed’s not the priority. If you’ve been caught out waiting for your device to charge, a connection through USB Type-C is everything you want.

Overcurrent Protection

Cheap USB-C power banks manufactured overseas are notoriously hit-and-miss. Some don’t contain the charging tech they claim to while others are downright dangerous. Devices have been fried from not having overcurrent protection enabled. Always buy from a reputable marketplace like PrimeCables where you know overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, overvoltage protection, and overcharge protection are built-in.

LED Display

The best USB power banks have something that cheaper models don’t. An LED display is an indicator that you’ve bought a quality brand. The display is small and shows the battery percentage left so that you know when it’s time to charge your external battery bank. Though some might consider this a trivial feature, it’s important. You want to know if your power bank needs charging before a long trip, just like you would your phone.

Find high-quality USB-C power banks in Canada from PrimeCables.ca. Have yours ready for whenever you need it. Charge it, throw it in your bag, and then it’s there. Have hours of battery life waiting to be tapped into. Shop yours today at PrimeCables.ca.

Photo by Adam Adams on Unsplash

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