How to Set Up An Ergonomic Workspace According to the Experts

A comfortable worker is a productive worker. No one wants to be sitting in pain trying to concentrate.

Make the investment to create an ergonomic workspace and you will always give your best performance, moving past the aches and uncomfortable positions of eight hours a day in the same chair.

Here’s how you do it. This is how to set up an ergonomic workspace. Notice the change in productivity almost immediately.

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A Chair with Lumbar Support

When you’re sitting, you want to be most comfortable. Most workers lean too far forward, experiencing arm strain and lower back issues. Ensure your chair is high-quality, with an armrest and lumbar support to boot.

Use A Height-Adjustable Desk

Though you always want to stay focused in an office, it’s never a bad thing to move around. Ergonomic height-adjustable desks allow a worker to stand or sit, modifying position as they feel to. Most studies recommend changing position at least once every 30 minutes.

Move Your Monitor to Eye-Level

Laptop screens are often positioned too low which results in neck strain. Independent displays usually get positioned too high causing a similar problem. Ensure your primary monitor is at eye-level. If you’re using a monitor desk mount for multiple screens, ensure they are all viewable at eye-level.

Keyboard And Mouse Positioning

Everyone prefers their keyboard and mouse arranged a certain way. The key is to ensure they aren’t adding stress to your posture. Keyboard and mouse should be in front of you, with shoulders relaxed and elbows close to the body. Some prefer their keyboard at an angle. This is something to toy with as you develop your own ergonomic workspace.

Everything in Easy Reach

There are many ergonomic accessories you can purchase – such as USB hubs, smartphone chargers, and more – that will keep what you need within reach at your workstation. Don’t be leaning in to grab things or have a busy desktop. Try to keep things tidy and clean and close, minimizing the stress on the shoulder, arms, necks, and mid-to-upper back.

Take Breaks Once Every Hour

This suggestion is less about building an ergonomic workspace and more about preserving your comfort. Every hour, take at least two minutes to yourself. Get up. Walk around. This will stretch muscles, refocus eyes and avoid vision fatigue, rest your wrists and hands, and remove any undiscernible stress from one’s posture.

We hope these tips for an ergonomic workstation get you started on reducing unhealthy work habits. For more information on where to buy ergonomic desks and accessories in Canada, is where to shop.

Photo by Tyler Franta on Unsplash

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