When Your Laptop Camera Sucks, Here’s A Webcam You Can Use

Some laptop webcams just aren’t cutting it. Chances are, you’re here because yours is one. Instead, try upgrading to a proper webcam.

Why Are Laptop Cameras So Bad

Laptop webcams haven’t really seen any innovation in roughly a decade’s time. Though the technology in our computers continues to get better and better, webcams haven’t really advanced. That’s why a lot of laptops bought today will carry webcams made from 2012 or before.

Why A Webcam is Better Than A Laptop Camera

A webcam is its own dedicated product. It plugs in via USB and operates just like any other powered device would. It does not have to conform to your laptop’s size requirements or anything. A webcam operates purely as a performance-driven tool hence why you get a high-definition 1080p image compared to a grainy laptop image. If you’re having to do Zoom calls regularly, which one would you rather use – obviously, a webcam’s a superior choice.

Adjust the Image On A Webcam And Other Specs

Your 1080p HD webcam is more than just a way to achieve a higher image quality than your laptop allows.

Full 1080P HD USB Pan & Tilt Rotantion Video Webcam with Microphone & Privacy Cover - PrimeCables®
Full 1080P HD USB Pan & Tilt Rotantion Video Webcam with Microphone & Privacy Cover – PrimeCables®
  • Some have built-in microphones which provide another way to capture audio.
  • They’re easy to use. No setup necessary. All that’s required is a USB port. It’s plug-and-play.
  • Modern webcams have privacy covers which provides peace of mind in knowing accessing your webcam isn’t going to reveal anything other than pitch black.
  • Video format is YUV/MFPG/H.264 with the PrimeCables.ca 3.6mm lens webcam at a 30 frame rate.
  • Adjust the image the way you want it. Manual focus. With pan and tilt rotation, one of the best benefits of a 1080p webcam is the chance to angle it without adjusting your full monitor a la how it works on a laptop.

What’s the Best Camera to Buy for A Laptop

We use our webcams for so many different reasons. To communicate with family and friends. Schedule Zoom calls or business conferencing. Record YouTube videos. Record music and far more.

There are a lot of major camera brands out there – Canon, Fujifilm, GoPro, etc. – but they’re expensive. Like, really expensive. You don’t need to go that far if you want a stationary videography webcam or a laptop camera for Zoom business calls.

The key feature you always want to look for is 1080p. You don’t want anything less and you certainly shouldn’t need anything more. 1080p is crystal clear high-definition image quality suitable to modern Internet speeds.

One of the best HD webcams in Canada is the PrimeCables.ca Full 1080p USB webcam. The image quality is high, the price is right, and it plugs into any Windows, Android, Mac, TV, etc. Improve your camera. Get a 1080p webcam today.

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

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