Why Are the Best Monitor Mounts in Canada on the Uptick And Trending on Instagram

Some office desks and computer desks simply do not have enough space.

It is frustrating watching your desk be covered with everything from paperwork to computer speakers, hard drives, organization and storage products, and needed accessories.

Monitors often take up more space than they need to. The popularity of monitor mounts in Canada has risen significantly based on the need to somehow create more desktop space.

Equipping home offices, gaming stations, and desks with an upgrade on function and appearance, there are more than a couple of reasons to consider buying a monitor mount.

Add Motion

Though not every monitor desk mount is built the same, one subcategory is full-motion monitor mounts.

This gives you the ability to angle your monitor in a way that isn’t normally possible. See features like swivels, tilts, and 360-degree rotation.

The ‘Ergonomic Choice’

Ergonomic office builds are trending in a big way on Instagram, Twitter, and social media.

Ergonomics is the practice of accommodating the body’s natural posture and reducing the everyday aches that come through activities like prolonged sitting, craning our necks, and straining our eyes.

A monitor mount lifts the monitor up to eye-level which reduces pressure on one’s neck, eyes, shoulders, and upper back.

Increase Productivity

When you go out running barefoot, you can’t run as far as you’d be able to with proper running footwear. The stress put on barefoot creates conditions where you aren’t as efficient a performer.

The same dynamic occurs when you have to unknowingly strain your body over the course of hours at the same workstation.

A computer monitor mount which positions screens at the correct level reduces stressors and allows you to work longer, more comfortably, and more effectively.

An Instagram-Friendly Look

A big reason why things trend is because of the way they look.

The function a mount brings is advantageous but they also look inspired, smart, modern, and minimalist-inspired.

For those who adore organization and decluttering, ergonomic accessories like a monitor mount give you inspiration in a clean workspace you don’t need to dread coming to on any given day.

Customize Your Desk

Monitor mounts aren’t just made for single monitors.

There are dual monitor desk mounts, triple monitor desk mounts, and even designs carrying up to six.

If you’ve always wanted to expand your visual space but have been afraid to add another due to a lack of space, now you can.

The difference a monitor mount can make in your day-to-day is significant. They protect your health, well-being, and give you the ability to enjoy what’s around you without being bogged down by disorganization and clutter. Buy the best monitor mounts in Canada from PrimeCables.ca today.

Photo by Niclas Illg on Unsplash

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