How to Work in Bed With Your Laptop and Stay Comfortable

Sometimes a table and a chair just aren’t good enough. If you work from home and have a laptop, fortunately, you have options.

The bed can seem like the most comfortable place to work on some days. Even in bed, aches and pains can present.

If you’re going to work from bed, you need the right approach. Here’s where to get started.

A Laptop Table

Most people will sit their laptops on their laps. This isn’t the most ergonomic approach and will cause aches.

You may not notice it in the moment but afterwards, you may have a sore neck, sore back, shoulder pain, and more.

Invest in a height-adjustable laptop table. A high-quality model provides a table at an appropriate height where you can sit up and work. This puts your wrist and hands where you want them and keeps your posture strong.

Stretch Every Hour

Any position you maintain without change for an extended period is going to cause aches.

Stretching, getting up and moving around, and even going to get a sip of water reduces inconvenient pain you may have to deal with after work.

Adjust Your Mindset

The biggest challenge to working from bed is not only getting into a position but also concentrating.

We associate bed with sleep and relaxation. That’s why, if you track your productivity, most of the time you will find that you do less work in bed than you do at a desk.

How to work in bed, therefore, has to involve getting in the right mindset.

Adjustable Portable Standing Desk Laptop Bed Table

Work Mode ‘On’ and ‘Off’

Have a ‘work mode’. Decorate the space around you like you would a workspace. Trick your brain into thinking it’s time to work.

Just like you would when you work from home out of bed, you need an ‘off switch’. A clear separation between home and work will prevent you from feeling you’re always at work. Your mental health relies on this.

You may want to have things you do when you’re about to work, such as light a candle, have coffee, or something similar. This gets you in the mood for work.

Similarly, when you get done working, consider a routine you can use and pack away your workspace.

A person can successfully work from bed with the right workspace accessories. An adjustable portable laptop bed table is a starting point. At minimum, have that. This way, you set up your posture in a way that’s ergonomic and safe for the long-term. If you love to work in bed, is a site with the workspace accessories to help.

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