Is This the Year You Buy A TV Wall Mount on a Black Friday Deal in Canada

Black Friday is officially a few weeks away but PrimeCables is celebrating a little early with exclusive sales and discounts on select products all month long.

Buying a TV wall mount might be something you’ve put off. Mounts aren’t that expensive! However, they can be a big adjustment to your home theater and overall entertainment experience.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy a TV wall mount, Black Friday offers a deal you can’t beat.

Flat Panel TV Wall Mount

Now’s the time to upgrade your TV system. Take your flat-screen and give it the theatrical presentation it deserves.

Why Are TV Wall Mounts So Popular?

The TV wall mount market is thriving because of the many unique advantages that come with one.

A TV wall mount creates a whole new way to enjoy movies, sports, and entertainment. It truly makes it feel like more of an event and like something special. It’s sort of like going to the movies without having to leave your home.

Also, you save a lot of space. You don’t need a table or stand to hold up your flat-screen. Suspended and flush against the wall, this is great news for a small living room or condo where things may be a little cramped.

Add onto all this that even advanced, high-tech mount models are relatively affordable and you’ve got more than enough reasons to at least consider buying one.

What TV Wall Mount is Right For Me?

There are dozens of TV wall mount types, each with different functionality and an obvious cost.

First, cross off any mounts that aren’t in your weight and size specifications. Note, for this, a flat-screen’s size will be measured as a VESA number. Write that down. You will need your VESA measurements to match the mount.

Second, ask yourself what sort of functionality you need. A lot of households like full-motion articulating TV wall mounts.

They provide a lot of movement and allow you to angle a screen in almost any direction, with extension, tilt, swivel, and rotate all in the design.

That said, some find they only need something basic. A basic TV wall mount costs under $12. Needless to say, very affordable and it allows you to get all the amazing perspective of an elevated theatrical-like screen without added cost.

The drawback to this model, naturally, is that there isn’t a lot of movement to it.

No matter what you are looking for or find, there are dozens of Black Friday deals on TV wall mounts at this November. Treat yourself. Buy a TV wall mount and enjoy slashed pricing while it’s here.

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