Work-From-Home Black Friday Deals for Office Accessories, Monitor Mounts, and More!

Anyone still working at home due to COVID-19 has a major opportunity to upgrade their home office space this Black Friday.

See dozens of price cuts, shaving $100s off everything from height-adjustable desks to monitor mounts and more.

Instead of battling the lines at Costco, Lowe’s, Best Buy, and Walmart, shop work-from-home accessories this November 27, 2020, at Nowhere else in Canada has deals as good as this!

Black Friday Deals on Computer Monitors

PC monitors are expensive year-round but on Black Friday, those prices come down a little bit.

Although a laptop is a fine instrument, a stationary desktop monitor offers better color, image quality, and is the start to a multiple monitor setup.

See curved monitors, flat monitors, and a variety of brands highly popular in the monitor space.

Build the Ultimate Work-From-Home Desk

Give up working at the kitchen table or at a less-than desk. Build a custom home office desk on Black Friday.

Start with an ergonomic sit-stand desk. Imagine a desk you can raise and lower. Burn more calories, engage your leg muscles, and still be able to sit down whenever you want. It’s a high-tech desk for the time!

Sit Standing Height Adjustable desk

Next on the list is a monitor mount. A single monitor mount isn’t that expensive and lifts your computer screen off the desk, freeing up that space and maintaining a more tidy work area.

Let’s not forget about work-from-home office chair. If you aren’t comfortable where you sit, working productively is going to be very difficult. Search out a chair that not only looks good to you but which also suits your body type.

Mousepad and Keyboard, and other PC Accessories

If you are experiencing issues with your mouse, keyboard, or other parts of your work-from-home laptop or PC, Black Friday is a great chance to replace some of those accessories.

Try a Bluetooth slim keyboard for wireless connection. It works on not only PCs but tablets as well!

Let’s not forget about the video conferencing aspect of working from home. Do you have regular Zoom meetings on a daily or weekly basis – upgrade your camera to a 1080p webcam with microphone.

If you enjoy working with audio or have to use headphones to work, upgrading to Bluetooth True Wireless earbuds allow you to listen to music, make and receive calls, and do more. Enjoy exceptional sound quality that doesn’t tie you by wire to your computer.

Naturally, you also have all the basics from a USB ergonomic mouse to a more general stereo headset.

To all the work-from-home Canadians, we welcome you to this Black Friday shopping season. Visit us any time in November leading into Black Friday and enjoy the best savings on all office products.

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