Will Boxing Day Sales Be Better Than Black Friday This Year

Boxing Day is the last big sales day of the year. It’s also a fine opportunity to nab some extra holiday gifts.

Boxing Day perhaps doesn’t get the attention it rightfully deserves as a time to buy. Here’s why Boxing Day 2020 sales are important to keep in mind, not only for Canadians but for small businesses.

Why Boxing Day Sales Matter

The majority of Canadians will get their holiday shopping done for the holidays long before December 25.

While some still may be buying up to the day, most stores have already cleared out a lot of inventory weeks before.

That said, sometimes stores have additional inventory they need to get rid of. January and February are always a bit of a slow period for most businesses as families recoup their debts and financial strains made through the end of the prior year.

Needless to say, Boxing Day is the last chance for a lot of brands to make a sale, get their warehouses empty, and in reflection of this, some of the prices you’ll find on Boxing Day are significantly better than Black Friday deals.

What’s On Sale for Boxing Day 2020

Boxing Day deals will be your last big sales opportunity until spring or summer 2021. If there’s anything you think you’ll need from here through to April or May, Boxing Day’s probably the best price you’ll find.

This Boxing Day in Canada will have 100s – even 1,000s! – of sales to choose from.

It will be a great time to pick up some USB cables and smartphone essentials that you know eventually you will need.

Buy home theater accessories on discount, including things like TVs, speaker systems, HDTV antennas, and Android smart TV boxes.

Upgrade your Internet with Ethernet network cable. This is a great investment for anyone still working from home and who doesn’t trust their wireless connection. An Ethernet cable is fast, stable, and secure.

On the topic of work-from-home essentials, there are also ergonomic sit-stand desks, monitor mounts, and more that can be picked up at a fraction of the cost of what you’d normally pay.

Obviously, with the holidays, you’ll want to see what you got for gifts. You don’t know what’s coming. You certainly don’t want to buy something like USB cables which could very well come as a holiday gift. Once the holiday gift-giving has passed and you have a proper look though, think about what may be missing.

Equip yourself with everything you need to make the rest of this very tough winter something special. Shop Boxing Day sales in Canada with PrimeCables.ca and save $100s off tech accessories, essentials, and more.

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