6 Reasons to Buy A 32” Flat-Screen TV

TVs aren’t just meant to be big, bold, and expensive. They can also be small, compact, and affordable.

A 32-inch TV is the best size for small spaces or rooms that don’t traditionally have flat-screens equipped in them. For example, a small bedroom TV like this can be placed on a dresser or bedroom table and is much, much better than using a tablet, smartphone, or handheld screen.

Here are the top 6 reasons to buy a small 720p flat-screen for your home. Add a few extra accessories to the mix – such as a TV wall mount or Bluetooth soundbar – and you will see even more advantages to having such a TV around.

1.It’s Affordable

A 32” 720p flat-screen comes in at a great price point. It’s small, compact, and 720p’s high-definition. Via the HDMI connection, it’s as good as any other flat-screen. Keep it simple or connect it to an Android smart TV box, HDTV antenna, gaming console, or any device of your liking.

2. It Doesn’t Take Up Space

When you buy a TV for a condo or small space, you want a high-quality model that’s not too bulky. A 32” 720p HD TV is perfect for these type of rooms. Install a TV wall mount to save more space and affix your TV to a main living area wall, a basement wall, in the bedroom, or anywhere.

PrimeCables® 32” HD LED TV with IPS LCD Panel Bedroom television 720p

3. Watch in Bed

Install your 32” flat-screen TV in your bedroom. Have a large – but not too large – screen to consume your favourite series, movies, sports, or news on before getting some shut-eye. This permits you to put away the smartphone and relax before getting tired.

4. Put it in Your Kitchen

Some households have small TV sets in their kitchen. This can help entertain you during single dinners, be used to help with recipe tutorials, or for any sort of use. Though it’s not perfect for kitchens of all types, it can be a nice accessory in a lot of cases.

5. Watch While You Work Out

A lot of us are getting in home workouts in the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re working out in a basement or private room, chances are it might still look a little improvised and empty. Just like with public gyms, a small flat-screen TV can brighten up the space and will help the minutes pass during cardio.

6. Spruce Up A Home Office

So long as it’s not distracting, a 720p television in a home office can be set up to oversee live news, sports, social media, or work-related material. You can also use the 720p TV to bus a conference call, Zoom call, or presentation for work.

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