32” 720P TV Product Reviews To Help You Decide If It’s Worth The Buy

A 32” 720P TV is small and simple in comparison with the mammoth 4K TVs that get shared at conventions every year. In the right context though, it works. And it works very, very well. Inside any bedroom or condo, you don’t need a screen larger than thirty-two inches. It’s still high-definition, with HDMI inputs, and with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada.

Is this the TV to buy online – check out some comments taken from real reviews on this 32” bedroom television.

“Good And Affordable.”

When it’s on sale, this 32” TV can sell for as low as $110. Those types of deals come once in a blue moon, however. Even at regular price, it’s quite the bargain.

“Perfect Sized TV.”

For bedrooms, kitchens, basements, or any sort of small area that doesn’t have a lot of distance between the person sitting down and the screen, anything larger than a 32” flat-screen can appear too big.

“You Can’t Even Tell It Is A 720P Screen.”

When you’re up close with a 720P screen, you aren’t going to inherently notice a difference between 720P and 1080P. It’s only when the screen gets bigger and suddenly, things get more pixelated due to the increase in size. At 32” though, it feels like a 1080P television even when it isn’t.

“I’d Buy It Again Without Hesitation.”

You’re still getting all the bells and whistles of a flat-screen even at this size. You can connect Android boxes, gaming consoles, HDTV antennas, and more. Adjusting the colors and sound settings, you ultimately have a really nice screen here customized to your viewing preferences.

“Great TV And Great Picture.”

Another advantage to this screen is its portability. It’s so lightweight. You can take it with you anywhere in the house and plug it in and you’re already set up.

“Plenty Of Output/Input Connections.”

You’re not restricted in any way with a 32” bedroom TV. Through the available ports and the PrimeCables.ca catalogue of cables and adapters, you can connect anything and let it be broadcast across this beauty.

“I Was Pleasantly Surprised By This TV.”

You may not expect very much for the price and specs but this flat-screen delivers in a big way. It’s not a cheap TV with some mediocre picture quality. This is a high-quality and premium-built screen you won’t have any shame sharing some entertainment on with friends or family in your home.

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7 Rooms Where A 32” Flat-Screen Is All You Need

A 32” LCD panel TV is HD quality, lightweight and portable, and easy to mount. Its crisp, clear picture quality is second to none at its price point. One of Canada’s best bargain TVs, this bedroom-sized 720P flat-screen TV can be purchased through PrimeCables.ca any day of the week.

If you aren’t sure where you’d put your 32” TV, here are 7 rooms where this TV will be all you’ll need.

Dining Room

If you enjoy the thought of having a TV in the dining room, a smaller size is preferable. Mount a 32” flat-screen against the wall in front of your table or set it on an articulating arm. Either way, watching TV while you eat dinner just got easier.

Kids Room

Young parents will love the idea of having a kids’ room. You can lay out safe flooring, put in their toys, and restrict a lot of playtime to that room. Consider a 720P kids’ playroom TV as a possible addition. This will allow them to watch their movies and kids’ shows without taking over the household’s main TV.


The basement can be a dreary place. It’s the exact perfect spot for a second screen. If you regularly work out in your basement, do hobbies in your basement, or in there for whatever purposes, consider the sort of change a TV like this would bring to this spot.

Gaming Room

If you like to game, game on the big screen! A 32” HD gaming TV offers deep colors, adjustable settings, and can be mounted to be angled towards you as you engage with your favourite games.

Home Gym

A lot of us are so used to working out in front of the TV, particularly if it’s cardio. If you have a home workout room or a home gym, a 32” TV is an optimized size to hang from a ceiling mount, wall mount, or articulating arm.

It’ll give you something to focus on as you do your cardiovascular routine.

Guest Bedroom

As homeowners, we take pride in our guest bedrooms and we want our guests to feel comfortable. It’s natural to want to show off a little bit in these areas.

Consider a guest bedroom 32” TV. This gives them a private area to catch up on their favourite series, watch news and/or sports, or simply enjoy some reruns before falling asleep. It gives them a private entertainment space they’re sure to appreciate.

1-Bedroom Condo Or Apartment

Inside a 1-bedroom condo, you don’t have much space. Take this 32” flat-screen. Mount it. Enjoy it. It won’t take up any extra space than it needs and the size is perfect for being such a close distance in front of it.

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4 Reasons Why Buying A 1080p TV is Better Than 4K

4K is a powerful medium. 4K TVs have better tech in them than their 1080p counterparts. Surprisingly to some though, there are still many, many reasons why buying a 1080p TV is more advantageous than going with a 4K model.

1080p Is Less Expensive

The reason why most homes will buy a 1080p flat-screen online as opposed to 4K is due to the expense.

4K is a premium HD television. Premium tech equals premium cost. 1080p is still a great-quality television with crystal clear video and although 4K inevitably will come down in price, in the current landscape, 1080p is arguably equally preferable.

If You Haven’t Watched 4K, You Won’t Know What You’re Missing

Lots of people are attracted to 4K simply because it’s 4K. They don’t really know what they’re buying per se except for the fact that it’s a really great TV and a premium model. That’s fair. However, if you haven’t seen 4K, you don’t really know what you’re missing.

Let’s put it a different way. If you’ve watched HD TV before, you’ve probably only seen 720p or 1080p. Though there is a clear difference when comparing 4K side-by-side with 1080p, it’s negligible to those who aren’t accustomed to watching pure 4K signal.

You can’t miss it if you haven’t experienced it before. You’ll appreciate a 1080p flat-screen just as well, if not more.

IPS Panel can provide the best viewing angle for up to 176°, and more accurate colour reproduction

4K Programming Isn’t Widely Available

To enjoy 4K video, you need to have an actual 4K video. Most of the time, the best signal you’ll have will be a 1080p signal. This is common in live streaming, YouTube, online video, live TV broadcasts, and elsewhere.

If they aren’t capturing video in 4K, it’s not like the signal will automatically upgrade because your TV is a 4K model.

Look into what you want to watch on your flat-screen. If you aren’t receiving a 4K signal, this suggests a 1080p FHD LED TV will transmit the same signal in the same quality as a 4K screen.

4K Video Can Be Slow And Buffer Often

Any 4K downloads or live streaming requires Internet resources we don’t all have. This further exacerbates the problem of 4K. Though the picture quality is amazing, you need to have the technology to support it.

Your Internet package could be slow. You could have the wrong type of 4K video file or the wrong HDMI cable, or it could just be so much data that however it’s being transmitted to your screen, you experience buffering and degraded picture quality.

4K is a powerful video standard but 1080p is not to be discounted. Until the world makes a fast jump into adopting 4K as the new HD standard, think twice before overspending on a screen that isn’t wholly needed. Find the best 4K TVs and the best 1080p flat-screens in Canada at PrimeCables.ca today.

6 Reasons to Buy A 32” Flat-Screen TV

TVs aren’t just meant to be big, bold, and expensive. They can also be small, compact, and affordable.

A 32-inch TV is the best size for small spaces or rooms that don’t traditionally have flat-screens equipped in them. For example, a small bedroom TV like this can be placed on a dresser or bedroom table and is much, much better than using a tablet, smartphone, or handheld screen.

Here are the top 6 reasons to buy a small 720p flat-screen for your home. Add a few extra accessories to the mix – such as a TV wall mount or Bluetooth soundbar – and you will see even more advantages to having such a TV around.

1.It’s Affordable

A 32” 720p flat-screen comes in at a great price point. It’s small, compact, and 720p’s high-definition. Via the HDMI connection, it’s as good as any other flat-screen. Keep it simple or connect it to an Android smart TV box, HDTV antenna, gaming console, or any device of your liking.

2. It Doesn’t Take Up Space

When you buy a TV for a condo or small space, you want a high-quality model that’s not too bulky. A 32” 720p HD TV is perfect for these type of rooms. Install a TV wall mount to save more space and affix your TV to a main living area wall, a basement wall, in the bedroom, or anywhere.

PrimeCables® 32” HD LED TV with IPS LCD Panel Bedroom television 720p

3. Watch in Bed

Install your 32” flat-screen TV in your bedroom. Have a large – but not too large – screen to consume your favourite series, movies, sports, or news on before getting some shut-eye. This permits you to put away the smartphone and relax before getting tired.

4. Put it in Your Kitchen

Some households have small TV sets in their kitchen. This can help entertain you during single dinners, be used to help with recipe tutorials, or for any sort of use. Though it’s not perfect for kitchens of all types, it can be a nice accessory in a lot of cases.

5. Watch While You Work Out

A lot of us are getting in home workouts in the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re working out in a basement or private room, chances are it might still look a little improvised and empty. Just like with public gyms, a small flat-screen TV can brighten up the space and will help the minutes pass during cardio.

6. Spruce Up A Home Office

So long as it’s not distracting, a 720p television in a home office can be set up to oversee live news, sports, social media, or work-related material. You can also use the 720p TV to bus a conference call, Zoom call, or presentation for work.

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