Best Computer Monitors of 2021 for Home And Work Use

A high-quality desktop computer monitor heightens the work-from-home experience, can immerse a user into the movies and tv they’re watching, and draws you into your computer promoting productivity and fun in the right circumstances.

As we scour the globe looking at the best desktop monitors in 2021, there are numerous highly rated monitors deserving of a mention. Here are the contenders we put forth, well worth a purchase for home and work use.

27” 1080p Curved Gaming Monitor

The 27” 1080p curved gaming monitor offers true immersive gameplay. It can also be used to watch films and work with, however. Unlike other curved monitor designs, this is also mountable when tagged with the right mount.

28” CrystalPro 4K Computer Monitor

Few will require a 4K computer monitor but should you, this is one of the best on the market. Complete with DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI ports, it’s a large-style monitor that doubles for work and home entertainment use.

24” 1080p 75Hz Computer Monitor

The 24” 1080p 75Hz computer monitor boasts a faster refresh rate, a comfortable ergonomic design, and full high-definition graphics. Tailor-made for graphic computer work, this is a great monitor for photographers, graphic designers, artists, marketing graphics, and more.

24 inch 1080p 75Hz Computer Monitor with HDMI, VGA, Earphone(3.5MM) Ports – Primecables®

22” – 24” ViewSonic 1080p Computer Monitor

ViewSonic is an excellent monitor brand, with decent-quality 1080p computer monitors priced under $200. Although they aren’t wrapped in the most contemporary design, they are a fine companion if you’re just looking for a desktop monitor to use for home and work.

27” BenQ 1080p LCD Monitor

BenQ monitors are another reliable brand to rely on for gaming monitors and regular desktop monitors. BenQ has a range of options, from affordable to high-end. The 27” Full HD monitor available from is on the affordable end, however, don’t take this to mean the quality’s not there. The BenQ 27” rates as highly as any other monitor in the catalogue.

22” 1080p Touchscreen Computer Monitor

An LED 1080p touchscreen monitor is unnecessary and expensive to some but to others, it’s a perfect way to add more tech into the mix of one’s daily computer use. A fun work-from-home monitor, for a little extra, you add a whole new dynamic to the day-to-day use of your home computer.

32” 4K Ultra Slim Desktop Monitor

From Monoprice, this is another stunning desktop monitor in 2021. In 4K, you get the best image quality alongside an ultra-slim design and FreeSync technology. The color, clarity, and overall experience rank amongst the highest on the market.

Find these computer monitors and more from Do work-from-home shifts. Sit in front of your monitor and relax after a day’s work with a movie or tv series. Do it all with a high-quality image at custom size, resolution, design, and mounting position for your needs.

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