What You Can Do With A Selfie Bluetooth Wireless Remote

A selfie Bluetooth wireless remote allows a smartphone user to take photos with the push of a thumb.

Usable with any smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled device, you pair the selfie remote like any Bluetooth device. Then, as you press down on the button, you can snap photos or direct videos distances away.

Portrait Photography

Professional photographers use remote controls all the time to take portraits and landscape photography. If you are trying to capture a sequence of photos in a span of time, a remote control’s the easiest way to make it happen.

Take Wildlife Photos

If you’re trying to capture photos of wildlife, a pet, or animals, set up your camera in position. Wirelessly, you can connect your camera remote control and then you will be ready when the moment strikes.

Sports Photos

At a sports game, there’s a lot of action and noise. A mistake made in taking a photo sans Bluetooth remote can mean a shaky image. Reduce shakiness. Set up your smartphone on a stand, wait for the right moment, and hit the button on your remote control. Take multiple photographs, selecting the best later.

Selfie Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter Release Selfie Timer – PrimeCables®

Event Photography

Capturing wide shots documenting an event is tough because events are living, breathing circumstances that are always changing. You being in the same location for the entirety is challenging and often impossible. Set up a camera instead, holding onto your wireless selfie remote control to take photos as things move along.

Film Performances

If you enjoy playing music, are a YouTube creator, or want to document some kind of performance you are giving, evidently being behind a camera is not where you can be. A Bluetooth camera remote gives you the potential to pause, take photos, start and stop video, and more as you see fit.

Selfie Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter Release Selfie Timer – PrimeCables®

Take Family Photos

It’s difficult taking family photos with a smartphone user in them. Most set their camera timer and run out in front just in time to catch a rushed photo. Instead, take out your smartphone’s selfie Bluetooth remote control and get comfortable with the family, pressing down with your thumb when you’re ready. It’s so much easier.

Take Repeated Photos

Whether you want to take selfie after selfie or photo after photo in front of a specific backdrop, holding a camera in place in perpetuity is going to lead to arm shakes and soreness. Take repeated photos with a selfie remote control and your camera pre-positioned in place.

Visit PrimeCables.ca today to purchase a selfie Bluetooth wireless remote and expand the possibilities of your photography. Even if all you do with it is take family photos, it’s so much simpler with a remote. Try it!

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