Why A Bluetooth Selfie Remote Control Is Better Than A Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks are cute and trendy. A wireless way to capture photos and get optimum angles for selfies and other photographs, for those looking at getting better images, they naturally will gravitate towards a selfie stick. Here’s why that’s wrong.

A selfie stick is fine. Sure, it helps to extend outward your angle and with that, you can get an optimized perspective for selfies. That’s more or less all they do. Selfie sticks are literally a stick on which hangs your smartphone. For a high-tech product, they sure are very basic and don’t provide much value beyond what we’ve already mentioned. Needless to say, they kind of get old fast.

A Bluetooth selfie remote control may be a better option long-term, especially if you’re a skilled photographer.

It’s Wireless

A Bluetooth remote isn’t connected to your smartphone with a stick. This vastly opens up the photos you can capture and makes things a little easier on the person taking the photos.

You Can Control Your Camera Remotely

Let’s say you are looking to capture a specific shot but don’t know when the event is going to happen. That’s easy. Set up the camera and wait. When the time comes, press down on the button and you’ve got your photo.

Less Shake In Your Photos

Although a selfie stick can stabilize your camera to a degree, there is still a risk of shake. A Bluetooth smartphone remote control, by comparison, doesn’t touch your device. There’s no risk of dropping the smartphone or taking a photo while accidentally shaking it.

No Arm Fatigue, No Asking For Help

Your arm won’t get tired holding up a selfie stick. You won’t need to ask anyone for help taking a photo. With a remote, it’s easy. All you need is a Bluetooth connection.

Capture Movement

What a selfie stick can’t do is capture your movement. That’s because as you’re moving, the smartphone will as well. This creates shake. By positioning your smartphone on a stable tripod, using the Bluetooth remote, you can capture these difficult-to-take moving images with ease.

No Hardware In The Shot

With a selfie stick, you often see the selfie stick in the shot. When you don’t see the stick, you at least see the arm or posture of the person holding it. It’s very obvious. With a selfie remote, you don’t get that same issue at all. You can hide the remote fully out of view.

If You Want A Wider Shot, You Can Have It

With a selfie Bluetooth remote, you aren’t connected to your smartphone via stick. It’s totally wireless. This means you can move the camera back even further. You can stand six feet away and more, and get an even better angle.

They’re A Lot Cheaper

A selfie Bluetooth smartphone remote is also way less expensive than a Bluetooth selfie stick.

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How to Use Your Smartphone Camera to Make Pro-Level Videos

Everything you need to make a pro-level HD movie lies in your smartphone. If you have the skills, knowledge, and a few extra tools to get the most from your smartphone camera, you can get away with filming Hollywood-level movies on your phone and your audience won’t know the difference.

Plan And Storyboard

Even improv-based films have some degree of planning to them. Before you set out with a smartphone ready to film things, unless you want to end up with a ton of unusable and overly complicated footage, plan ahead. Storyboard some shots. Look at similar films to what you want to make for inspiration.

Handheld v. Stable

Handheld smartphone camera videos are the most common. They’re often shaky but come across as authentic and honest. For a lot of movie-making, however, you will want to stabilize everything. Invest in a tripod if you’re filming something stationary and or a smartphone camera stabilizer.

Editing Video Is A Learned Skill

Anyone can film an HD video. How you edit it is where things can break down between pro and amateur. Use a video similar to your own as inspiration on how to cut footage, how to pace a video, and to establish a starting point for how you’re going to edit the visuals you captured.


Zoom-in and zoom-out are effects used frequently in movie-making. This can be difficult to achieve on your smartphone if you’re trying to keep it stable. Some smartphone stabilizers incorporate buttons and features like zoom-in/zoom-out which can be exceptionally beneficial.


As a subject moves around the room, you may want to follow them. This is called tracking. Normally, handheld smartphone cameras can be problematic to operate with tracking. A handheld smartphone stabilizer safely holds your camera and allows you to track with more fluidity.

Create Movement With No Shaking

We associate movement with excitement. When a camera moves, we naturally pay attention. Unfortunately, try that with a smartphone in hand and you end up with lots of shakiness. That’s amateur. Try a tripod or a handheld stabilizer to eliminate shakiness without limiting your movements. A stabilizer can also aid with rolling, pitching, panning, and creating videos that normally you’d have to pay $100,000s to capture.

What Can You Film on Your Smartphone?

  • Make home movies and family videos.
  • Make vlogs, how-to videos, and YouTube influencer-style videos.
  • Live stream on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites.
  • Film music videos.
  • Film scripted videos.
  • Create business videos for your brand, company, product, or service.
  • Capture artistic videos of nature, landscapes, and more.

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How To Take the Best Selfie With A Ring Light

A 10” selfie ring light drastically improves the quality of your image-taking. Be it photos or video, regular camera selfie-takers should consider buying a ring light.

Producing a form of soft, direct light, you minimize shadows and imperfections without having to turn on any filter. Influencers, YouTubers, models, and image experts use it all the time. Now it’s time for you to do the same. Here is how to take the best selfies with a ring light.

Invest In Your Look

Ring lights deliver to you a sharper, more accurate image. This is going to challenge a subject to step up their game and get their look just right. From skin and makeup to pose and shape, influencers in particular will want to make sure they’re presenting right.

Camera Goes Center

A ring light produces relatively even light. Where you take your picture from is arguably of more importance than where your subject is at. Your camera should be positioned behind the ring light, direct in its middle.

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Subject Gets Close

You want your smartphone ring light to have some impact so you don’t want to be too far away. This means staying within two feet of it. This will ensure the soft, direct light is doing its job while giving the subject enough space to feel like they aren’t unnaturally leaning into the light.

Try Different Angles

If you have a friend who can help you move around the ring light, you can shoot photos and videos from different angles including down below or up above. Uncommon angles with ring lighting is a technique used by many Instagram models and influencers, video bloggers, and YouTubers.

Look Directly Through

A ring light works its best when you’re looking at the camera straight through. This means, even when the angle is adjusted, do your best to look at your camera. Not doing so will mean the lighting essentially does the same thing overhead lighting does which is create unnatural, awkward shadows.

Keep Your Camera Still

The best selfies are those where the camera is still. A ring light isn’t enough to cover a poorly handled smartphone. Be sure to position your phone on a smartphone tripod stand. A lot of ring lights tend to come with a tripod stand and phone holder built in. Another method to nearly guarantee stillness is to use a Bluetooth-enabled photo-taker.

Dim It If It’s Uncomfortable

Looking directly through the ring light or at the ring light can mean headaches. If you’re uncomfortable at all, turn down the brightness. They’re dimmable lights! Experiment a little with brightness and the impact it has on your photos.

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What You Can Do With A Selfie Bluetooth Wireless Remote

A selfie Bluetooth wireless remote allows a smartphone user to take photos with the push of a thumb.

Usable with any smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled device, you pair the selfie remote like any Bluetooth device. Then, as you press down on the button, you can snap photos or direct videos distances away.

Portrait Photography

Professional photographers use remote controls all the time to take portraits and landscape photography. If you are trying to capture a sequence of photos in a span of time, a remote control’s the easiest way to make it happen.

Take Wildlife Photos

If you’re trying to capture photos of wildlife, a pet, or animals, set up your camera in position. Wirelessly, you can connect your camera remote control and then you will be ready when the moment strikes.

Sports Photos

At a sports game, there’s a lot of action and noise. A mistake made in taking a photo sans Bluetooth remote can mean a shaky image. Reduce shakiness. Set up your smartphone on a stand, wait for the right moment, and hit the button on your remote control. Take multiple photographs, selecting the best later.

Selfie Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter Release Selfie Timer – PrimeCables®

Event Photography

Capturing wide shots documenting an event is tough because events are living, breathing circumstances that are always changing. You being in the same location for the entirety is challenging and often impossible. Set up a camera instead, holding onto your wireless selfie remote control to take photos as things move along.

Film Performances

If you enjoy playing music, are a YouTube creator, or want to document some kind of performance you are giving, evidently being behind a camera is not where you can be. A Bluetooth camera remote gives you the potential to pause, take photos, start and stop video, and more as you see fit.

Selfie Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter Release Selfie Timer – PrimeCables®

Take Family Photos

It’s difficult taking family photos with a smartphone user in them. Most set their camera timer and run out in front just in time to catch a rushed photo. Instead, take out your smartphone’s selfie Bluetooth remote control and get comfortable with the family, pressing down with your thumb when you’re ready. It’s so much easier.

Take Repeated Photos

Whether you want to take selfie after selfie or photo after photo in front of a specific backdrop, holding a camera in place in perpetuity is going to lead to arm shakes and soreness. Take repeated photos with a selfie remote control and your camera pre-positioned in place.

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In this day and age, we’re all amateur and professional photographers. The powerful cameras we have on our smartphones today are equivalent to what would have cost a consumer $1,000s even a decade ago.

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Beyond the limitations of our smartphones, those serious about the photography game will typically buy their own dedicated camera and with that comes the possibility of photography accessories.


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