Why A Steel Floor Stand for A Dyson Vacuum Just Makes Sense

A vacuum. A necessary household item to tidy carpets, rugs, and floors yet so difficult to keep stored out of the way.

Most resort to putting it in a closet or corner, loose and unappealing. Few think about a steel vacuum stand.

They make stands and mounts for just about anything imaginable these days, from speaker systems to flat-screens. You may not think vacuums to be on that list but they are.

A high-quality stand for a vacuum has to be built well enough to stand on its own, without any potential risk of tipping. For this, a cheap stand will not work. The PrimeCables.ca model for vacuums exceeds every expectation for a vacuum stand, fortunately.

Set it in a corner or wherever you wish. There’s no need to mount it or affix it permanently to a space. Then, lift and place your vacuum inside along with any attachments. This steel floor vacuum stand keeps everything vacuum-related together.

A Perfect Vacuum Storage Solution For A Condo

For smaller spaces where every inch matters, you don’t want your vacuum taking up any more space than what’s necessary.

A vacuum cleaner stand assigns a station in which to set your vacuum that isn’t drilled into the wall. No drill marks. No holes. No scratches. It’s portable to anywhere you see fit, keeping a vacuum’s contents assembled in an easy-to-retrieve design.

The thick base on the PrimeCables.ca model also ensures stability and not at the expense of what’s aesthetically fashionable.

Large Base with Dividing Bar
Steel Floor Stand for Dyson® Vacuums

Where’s the Best Place to Store A Vacuum?

Homeowners will put their vacuums in various places around the house. A steel stand allows someone to put theirs almost anywhere.

Placing it in a closet is unattractive, awkward, and opens it to damage due to its size and vulnerable shape.

The garage or a storage unit are places where we like to put everything that doesn’t fit. Don’t assign your vacuum placement here, especially if you intend to use it semi-regularly in your residence.

Hallways are an opportunity to store the vacuum if you have a nook, cranny, or corner that’s going unused and which suits the shape of your Dyson vacuum. Though convenient, it’s an eyesore keeping a vacuum in plain sight.

You don’t have to worry about the kitchen’s hardwood floors or tile floors as the PrimeCables.ca vacuum stand has anti-slip silicone pads that prevent floor scratching and damage that can come from such stands.

Dyson is one of Canada’s best vacuum cleaners. Match yours with a steel floor stand from PrimeCables.ca. It will come in handy! Keep your floors tidy, dust out of the air, and allergy symptoms to a minimum. Visit us today.

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