Benefits of An Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

An anti-fatigue mat doesn’t look like much. To some people, a standing mat is just a very thick piece of foam.

Standing doesn’t look like much either, to be fair. Standing is seemingly a pretty natural position to take. A person may think they can stay standing for hours. The reality, however, is very, very different.

When we stand, we put pressure on our frame. As we walk, we constantly relieve this pressure minimizing the aches and pains that would otherwise come with prolonged standing. For employees or workers who have to stay in a standing position for hours on-end, sore feet and a sore back are likely things you contend with on the regular.

How Does An Anti-Fatigue Mat Work?

An anti-fatigue standing mat can make a difference. This mat offers a soft foam core, a condensed cushion that has been scientifically proven to alleviate pressure on one’s spine and knee joints.

Thousands of people have found out the benefits of anti-fatigue mats. The sinking support of a mat helps to eliminate the pressure on problematic areas on the frame. It also provides more support to the legs and lower back.

You can use it in the kitchen as you do food prep and cooking. Office workers with ergonomic standing desks can use it to alleviate pressure on the lower back. It can also be used at home simply as a soft surface to work on.

Spending time on your feet doesn’t have to be so difficult with a non-slip anti-fatigue mat.

Anti-fatigue Standing Mat Multi-Purpose Comfort Mat – PrimeCables®

What is in An Anti-Fatigue Mat?

Due to the variety of environments a mat is used in, some key components to the design are heavily important.

The outer layer is typically stain-resistant, minimizing the risk that kitchen food and drink spills can have. The material that makes up an anti-fatigue mat is moisture-resistant and can be easily cleaned using soap and water.

The slanted anti-curl edges also prevent the risk of tripping as one steps on and off the mat’s surface. On the underside of the mat, there is commonly an anti-slip or non-slip layer. Just like how a washroom mat is designed, you don’t want an anti-fatigue mat slipping around on tile or hardwood. The anti-slip aspect of an anti-fatigue mat is key to its safety product.

If you’re someone who has to contend with their feet hurting, low back pain, or you lack the endurance you once had to remain standing and working or doing your thing, try a standing mat. Visit us today and see why this product is one of the best rated standing mats in Canada!

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